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Polar Bear Story Time!

We had eight friends join us for story time this morning. We read “Bear Needs Help” by Sarah S. Brannen and “Panda & Polar Bear” by Matthew J. Baek. We also painted our own polar bear faces using pom poms and clothespins. This is great for preschoolers pincer grasping skills.

Frownie Face!
Cheesy Face!
We just let the kids go with washable paint and their “paintbrushes”. I think it’s important for them to create their own polar bears.
Tabitha didn’t give us a smile this week but she did a great job painting!
Olivia’s bear is so cute!
Such a great book! Very simple and held their attention well.
We also read “Panda & Polar Bear” which is a great read. We talked about the colors, what they eat, and where they live.

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Penguin Story Time!

We had seven friends join us this morning for a penguin themed story time. We read a couple of books about penguins and then made our own penguins. We talked about the shapes and colors we found in our books and on our penguins. Getting seven kiddos to all smile at the camera at once is really tricky!

Connor learning to use a glue stick.
The kiddos busy gluing their penguins together.
Writing their names and giving their penguins names was very important this morning.
Getting them to all look at the camera at the same time is very tricky!
Say “penguins!”
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Santa Story Time!

We had six friends join us this morning for a Santa Claus themed story time.

We read, “Santa Duck” by David Milgrim and “Bad Kitty: Searching for Santa” by Nick Bruel.


Then we made our own Santa beards from a kit I found at Hobby Lobby a couple of years ago.

We used leftover cotton balls from a generous donation during summer reading.

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Reindeer Story Time!

We had five friends join us for a reindeer themed story time this morning. I realized that we don’t own any books about reindeer so we had to compromise and read “Christmas Mice” and “There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell”. We also did the reindeer hokey pokey which left me very out of breath! This craft is one I found at Hobby Lobby. It’s all stickers and they just assemble the reindeer. It’s very good for their fine motor skills.


Library News

Community Needs Survey Plan

Sutherland Public Library is working towards becoming an accredited library. One of the things we need to do is complete a survey of our town. We need to know the things that you like about our village and the things that we could work on. This is a very short survey and only has 11 quick questions. Click here to complete our google form survey:

Thank you so much! Please let us know if you have any questions!

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Space Camp Yoga & Constellations

This morning we had twelve kiddos join us for space camp. We read books about the stars and talked about constellations.

Then we did some “star” yoga, which the kids really seemed to enjoy. There were a lot of giggles!

After that, we made chalk and star sticker constellations. Some kids made up their own constellations and some copied real constellations.


Teen’s Space Camp

We had 8 teens join us for origami space camp last week.

We also realized that our sugar crystals from the previous week didn’t turn out as well as we had liked.



This week, we will try to build a globe structure using only tape and straws. I won’t be helping them at all. It’s all about working together as a team to figure out how to engineer the globe.

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Preschool Story Time

Last week, we read a book about the sun and then used forks to paint our own suns. This week, we will read books about the stars and we’ll try some star yoga. Wear comfy clothes! We will also make our own constellations.

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Summer Reading Update

I’m trying to do better about keeping our blog updated! For those that are interested in statistical data, here’s where we’re at with our summer reading program. Week 1, we had 53 kids attend a space camp. Week 2, we had 71 kids attend either a space camp or the Lego Guy. This week, we’ve only had one program (so far) and we had 31 attend this morning. We have about three times as many people through the door and we’re checking out about three times as many materials every day as well. I wish we could be this busy during the school year as well! It’s been a fantastic summer so far.

Today we read a book about the planets and then painted our own water color planets.