Space Camp Yoga & Constellations

This morning we had twelve kiddos join us for space camp. We read books about the stars and talked about constellations.

Then we did some “star” yoga, which the kids really seemed to enjoy. There were a lot of giggles!

After that, we made chalk and star sticker constellations. Some kids made up their own constellations and some copied real constellations.

Teen’s Space Camp

We had 8 teens join us for origami space camp last week.

We also realized that our sugar crystals from the previous week didn’t turn out as well as we had liked.



This week, we will try to build a globe structure using only tape and straws. I won’t be helping them at all. It’s all about working together as a team to figure out how to engineer the globe.

Summer Reading Update

I’m trying to do better about keeping our blog updated! For those that are interested in statistical data, here’s where we’re at with our summer reading program. Week 1, we had 53 kids attend a space camp. Week 2, we had 71 kids attend either a space camp or the Lego Guy. This week, we’ve only had one program (so far) and we had 31 attend this morning. We have about three times as many people through the door and we’re checking out about three times as many materials every day as well. I wish we could be this busy during the school year as well! It’s been a fantastic summer so far.

Today we read a book about the planets and then painted our own water color planets.


Summer Reading is in Full Swing!

Our summer reading program started last week. I’ve been so swamped I haven’t had time to update the blog. I figured I’d better get to it! This week, we read a book about the sun and then made sun mosaics. We had 35 kids attend this morning. Thursday morning, we will paint our own suns with the pre-k and under group. Then Thursday afternoon, we will try our hands at making some origami Star Wars creations. I will try really hard to get pictures posted on here. You can still sign up for summer reading. We have 91 total kids signed up right now. 18 for the Pre-K and under group, 17 for the tweens and teens group, and 56 for the school aged kiddos.

Here is our slideshow from this mornings sun mosaics:


New Groups

We are wanting to start a Friends of the Library group at our library. This group would meet monthly, probably in the evenings. Some things that other friends groups have done are:

  • hold a fundraising book sale,
  • host a bake, craft, or plant sale,
  • help fund the summer reading program,
  • fund the Halloween trunk-or-treat,
  • organize the annual cemetery tour,
  • raise funds for a new library building,
  • create a foundation group,
  • or tons of other great ideas!

We are looking for:

  • Moms with kids of all ages,
  • Dads who work full-time,
  • College students,
  • Retired people,
  • Single people,
  • Married people,
  • People without kids,
  • People who love the library!

If you would love to learn more about helping the library as we go forward in our accreditation process, please let us know. We need volunteers like you to help us move forward.

Muddy Pigs Story Time

This morning we had eight friends join us for a special story time. Last Thursday, our weather was very snowy and story time got canceled. We made it up today!

We read two books about pigs and did two fun fingerplays where we counted our five little piggies. Then we painted our pink pigs with brown “mud”.

March Story Times

Here is our March 2019 story time calendar.

Please note that March 14th we will be having a special bring your teddy bear (or other fluffy friend) to story time with you. Leave your friend here for the day or until Saturday, March 16th. Your friend will get into all kinds of mischief at the library. We will post pictures here on our blog and on Facebook.

“Oink”, said the cow!

We had four friends join us for story time today. There’s no public school so I think people were busy or were enjoying their day off.

We read two books about cows that said oink and talked about the wind.

We also did three finger plays about milking cows and the wind blowing.

Then we made wind socks.

Our letter of the week is “O” so we made purple octopus fingerprints.

Bundle Up; it’s Cold Outside!

We had eleven friends join us for story time this morning! We read two books about clothes and did finger plays and rhymes. Then we made our own “stocking hats”.


The first book we read was “Pete the Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons” by Eric Litwin.

The kids adore Pete so any time I can incorporate a Pete story into our story time, I will.

Then I found delightful finger plays and rhymes from one of my favorite library blogs, “Storytime Katie”. is where you can go to find all kinds of things related to books and library story time for littles.

Action Rhyme: “One, Two, Buckle My Shoe”
One, two, buckle my shoe
Three, four, shut the door
Five, six, pick up sticks
Seven, eight, lay them straight
Nine, ten, begin again // that’s the end!

Most of the parents knew this rhyme too so they joined in. It was great fun! We also practiced holding up our fingers to match the rhyme.

Then we read “New Shoes” by Chris Raschka. I love this book because the perspective is from the child’s perspective as he/she looks down and his/her feet. The kids really enjoyed it and we talked about the different colors of shoes that we saw.

We did one more rhyme from Storytime Katie called, “Old Shoes, New Shoes”.

Action Rhyme: “Old Shoes, New Shoes”
Old shoes, new shoes,
(Child) is wearing (description) shoes
One, two, three four,
Now I stomp them on the floor!

The kids loved stomping their feet and hearing their name said when it was their turn. My daughter came (for the first time!!!) and had taken off her boots so when it was her turn, we said, “Hazel is wearing no shoes” and she giggled in a way that only three year olds can. Most kids stuck with colors but we could have done cowboy (for boots), fashionable or fancy, leather or dirty. Big crowd pleaser!

We finished up with a craft, like we usually do. Today, we made paper plate hats. Super easy, super cheap and the kids loved it. I just had my teen volunteer cut paper plates in half. Then the kids colored the plates, added goggly eyes and smiles. Next they glued on the bottom strip of paper (from scrap recycling bin!) and pom poms for the hat.


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