National Bird-Feeding Month

National Bird-Feeding Month

This month, we are celebrating an important but lesser-known holiday. February is National Bird-Feeding Month. Food and water is scarce during the winter months, and February is the hardest month for wild birds to survive. You can help by placing bird feeders and water sources in safe locations in your backyard. In exchange, you get the beauty and pleasure of watching birds flock to your yard.

We have many birding books that cover every angle of this hobby. Birdwatching, bird feeding, birdhouses… You name it, we have a book about it! Check out our display of books that will be up for the entire month.

From Monday, February 21st to Saturday, February 26th, we will be having a take-home bird feeder craft available for all ages. Everyone is welcome to make this simple bird feeder to hang in their yard. Your feathered critters will surely appreciate it! It’s also a great opportunity to introduce your children to the joy of birdwatching.

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