New regular and large print books added

New regular print books

“Precious Gifts” and “property of a Nobleman” by D. Steel.

“All Dressed in White” and “Death Wears a Beauty Mask” by M.H. Clark.

“Devoted in Death! by J.D. Robb.

“Come Rain or Come Shine” by J. Karon.

“The End Game” by C. Coulter.

“Breaking Point” by C.J. Box.

New large print books

“438 Days” by J. Franklin,

“Panquitch” by Z. Grey,

“Thin Ice” by I. Hannon,

“Apache Ransom” by W. Henry,

“Thief of Glory” by S. Brouwer,

“Pouncing on Murder” by L. Cass,

“Scottie Barked at Midnight” by K. Dunnett,

“Mistletoe Inn” by R. Evans.

“Wagon Train West” by L. Paine and

“Cold Shot” by D. Pettrey.