New Junior Books Added to the Library

Junior Books

“Life of Crazy Horse” (Biography) by M. Coleman

“Life of Sacagawea” (Biography) by C. Mcaneney

“Stellar Space Jokes” by J. Fullman

“Germs – Parasites” by Bowen and Viegas

“Germs – Viruses” by Baum & Goldstein

“Kids Craft with Beads” by R. Owen

“Amphibians” by T. Jackson

“Reptiles” by T. Jackson

“Fish and Other Sea Creatures” by T. Jackson

“Kids Cook” by R. Owen

“Sewing” by R. Storey

“Kids Do Magic” by R. Owen

“Ask Amy Green – Summer Secrets” by S. Webb

“Nancy Clancy Super Sleuth” by J. O.’Connor

“Nancy Clancy Secret Admirer” by J. O.’Connor

“Nancy Clancy Sees the Future”┬áby J. O.’Connor

“The Summer of the Swans” by B. Byers

“Leaping at Shadows” by M. Atwood

“Lucky Strike” by B. Pyron

“Robots – Mars Probes” by K. Spense

“Unstoppable Octobia May” by S. Flake

“I Survived, True Stories” by L. Tarshis