New Books Added Over the Summer

Check out the great new books added to the library over the summer!

Memorial Books

Farmer’s Market Mishap by W. Brunstetter,  Given in memory of Cleophia Denker by Family

The Seekers by W. Brunstetter, Given in memory of Eda Sandman by Family and Friends

Peace in the Valley by R. Herne, Given in memory of Joyce Schwink by Friends and Nieghbors

 Adult Regular Print Books



Camino Island by J. Grisham






16th Seduction by J. Patterson

The Duchess by D. Steele

The Fix by D. Baldacci

Undaunted by D. Palmer








Come Sundown by N. Roberts

 Large Print Books

A Matter of Trust by S. Warren

Lightning of Gold by M. Brand

Weaver’s Needle by R. Caroll

Across the Rio Bravo by R. Stone

Mulberry Moon by C. Anderson

Powder Burn by W. Johnstone

War in Lincoln County by D. Coolidge

Murder Most Howl by K. Davis

Mask of the Sun by J. Dvorak

Death Stalks the Range by J. Griffin

Sandpiper Cove by I. hannon

Pursued by L. Harris

The Sunset Trail by L.P. Holmes

Monahan’s Massacre by W. Johnstone

The Amish Man of Ice by K. Long

Killer Jam by K. MacInerney

Plain Missing by E. Miler

Deep Extraction by D. Mills

Just Fine with Caroline by A. Noblin

A Life Well Played by A. Palmer

A Matter of Trust by S. Warren

Rescue Me by S. Warren


Junior Books

Let Luck Find You, Windfall by J. Smith

Where the Sidewalk Ends by S. Silverstein

What Happens if the Rain Forests Disappear? by M. Colson

What Happens if the Ozone Disappears? by M. Colson

What Happens if We Overfish the Oceans? by A. Rayston

What Happens When Artic Cap Melts? by A. Rayston

Lucky in Love by K. West

The Go Between by V. Chambers

Windfall by J. Smith

The Mitten by J. Brett

Chippy Chipmunk Parties in the Garden by K. Miller

The Friendship Fairy by A. Provins

The Best Cat in the World by L. Newman

Dojo Day Care by B. DaCosta

Nighttime Ninja by B. DaCosta

Ninja by A. Chung

Go to Sleep, Gecko by M. MacDonald

Extremely Cute Animals Operating Heavy Machinery by D. Garden

Barney, the Lopsided Mule by L. Hughey and Son

Give “Please” a Chance by B. O’Reilly and J. Patterson