Minutes from the June Library Board Meeting

The Ainsworth Library Board held its regular monthly meeting on June 6, 2018 at the Ainsworth Public Library. This meeting was advertised on the radio, in the newspaper, at the Library, and on the Library website. The meeting was called to order at 5:02 p.m. Notice was given on the posting of the Open Meeting Act. Roll call showed three members present. They included Todd Flynn, Phyllis Leach, and Alane Lentz. Members that were absent included Traci Alberts and Pedro Bordes. Library Director, Gail Irwin, was also present for the meeting.

Alane Lentz made the motion to approve the minutes. Todd Flynn seconded this. Vote showed all in favor. Board did a budget spending review. Alane Lentz moved to approve the claims for payment which Phyllis Leach seconded. All voted in favor of. The Monthly Library Report was presented for May as well as a list of titles purchased that month.

The purchase of the Button Maker was discussed. It was noted that the Director completed a donation request for this. The form has been completed and submitted. This will run through the Library Foundation as it needs to be a 501 c3 organization. If no word is heard in six weeks, the library will purchase this as planned earlier. A report has been sent to the Library Commission on the Innovation Studio Grand which listed the names of local trainers, emails, if they were library staff, extension educator, or community volunteer as well as which machines they trained people on.

The Summer Reading Program “Libraries Rock” was discussed. Registration numbers for the different age groups were shared: 9 Toddlers, 9 Preschoolers, 11 K-1st Graders, and 16 in the 2nd-4th Grade group. A Music Coloring Contest will be held for Preschool to 8th grade. Completed coloring page must be returned by July 14th. We have 10 prizes to give away (Coloring Journal and Colored Pencils).

The Lego Guy will be at our library on June 8th at 2 p.m. This is being sponsored by the Library Foundation. Ads on the radio and the motel room costs will be shared with Rock County Library. The Library will pay for the newspaper ad. Five Door Prizes will be given away which consist of building blocks like LEGO’s to make a vehicle and driver inside it.

The State Aide for 2018 has arrived in the amount of $1,194. The awarded amount was determined by the following formula:
Base payment for libraries with a service population under 8,000 $565
Per capital payment of $0.073 x legal service population of 1,626 $119
1% incentive payment for addition public funds of $11,000 $110
Incentive payment for Gold Accreditation $400
Total $1,194
This state aid payment is not intended to replace local funds for the library, but to provide for enhanced services over and above those provided through local funding. Libraries must demonstrate ongoing local support by meeting the maintenance of effort requirement established by the Library Commission (meaning that the library’s local income from public funds for library operations is equal to or greater than the lowest annual income for the three previous years.

The fax machine stopped working the first of May. Prices for a new machine were shared with the Board. Phyllis Leach made the motion to purchase the Brother InteliFAX-2840 from Office Product Center for $350. Alane Lentz seconded this with all members voting in favor of.

Discussion was held on the goals and objectives for the Library Three Year Plan and the Library Accreditation guidelines. This will be continued at the next meeting.

The 2018-2019 Budget proposal for the upcoming year was worked on. Information from the City Clerk’s Office was shared. The budget request will be finalized at the next meeting.

Information was shared on workshops/meetings attended by staff and board members. It was noted that the Library Foundation Board meeting was held on May 17th. They plan on holding a Garden Walk fundraiser in July. It was noted that 13 CEU hours are still needed by the Board for their certification. Information was shared with Todd Flynn are some upcoming workshops.

Under correspondence, several thank you notes were shared from Elkhornetts Club on the tour of the Makerspace; from Ashley Titus on working with her at Little Paws Preschool, and from Little Paws Preschool for library service this past school year. Articles of interest from library journals and newsletters were shared.

The next meeting date/time was set for July 11th at 5 p.m. Since there was no further business to come before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 5:45 p.m.

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