Oct 09

Fetch a Good Book October 9, After School

Kindergarten through 3rd graders are invited to “Fetch a Good Book” today at the library. Today’s agenda includes: Books (We have to read… It is a library!), puppy chow (yum!), “Puppy, Puppy, Where is Your Bone?”, and an “Act Like a Dog Contest” with prizes! Come one, come all and join the puppy fun! Wagging your tail may earn you extra points.

Oct 07

Exciting Programs Coming to the Library

It’s an exciting time at the library as we have A LOT of programs starting this month.  We recently started Saturday morning Story Hour and we’ve had an amazing amount of kids join us… This Saturday, we’ll be decorating trick-or-treat bags that are adorable!

Tomorrow, you can come to the library and learn about Essential Oils.  Abbie Murray will be at the library to talk about oils and answer any questions you may have.  This is not a library program so be sure to come or contact Abbie if you have any questions. The program starts around 6:00 pm… The library is officially closed at this time but, we will be here for the class.

On Friday, we begin our after school reading group called “Fetch a Good Book.”  The program is all about PUPPIES and is for grades K-3… We’ll have puppy themed snacks, puppy themed books, puppy themed activities/crafts, and puppy themed prizes.  We’re also hoping to invite some puppy experts to drop by in future months to discuss how to take care of your puppy or other pets.

As the month goes on, we’ll add in Legos (grades K-5) and our wonderful Science Club (grades K-2 & 3-5).  We can’t wait to see all your smiling faces!  Call Staci S with any questions or comments at 402-395-2021.

Sep 23

Welcome Back to Story Hour!

Join us this Saturday, September 26, from 10:30-11:30 am as we begin STORY HOUR again! This week we will read books with “back to school” themes and we’ll make pencil pouches for you to store all your goodies! Be sure to join us… We’ve missed you!

Sep 23

Essential Oils Class Offered by Abbie Murray

If you’ve ever been interested in Essential Oils, stop by the library on October 8th at 6:00 pm. Abbie will be visiting the library to show others what she has learned about Essential Oils. This is not a library-lead program, so contact Abbie if you have any important oil related questions. And, you can always contact us at 402-395-2021… But, trust me, she’s the real expert on this topic! :)

Everyone-Welcome-Abbie Murray

Sep 01

New Furniture at the Library

Due to a couple generous grants, the library was able to make some “updates.” This morning we received a beautiful new love seat for our coffee corner and an over-sized chair for tots and parents to enjoy.  Come in and check them out! They are a wonderful new addition to this amazing building!

New Coffee Section Loveseat New Toddler Section Chair

Aug 29

Library Happenings

Just some library updates: Story Hour will begin again on Saturday, September 26. We will host a book sale during the city-wide garage sales on Saturday, September 12. After school programming will begin sometime in October. And, we will be closed for Labor Day on Monday, September 7. I’ll keep you updated as these dates become closer. Have a HAPPY WEEKEND and keep reading! Questions? Call Staci S. at 402-395-2021.

Aug 24

“Great Books for Great Kids” at Runza

Most people can find something they love at Runza… Tomorrow is an extra-special reason to enjoy it! Tomorrow, when you eat at Runza, they will donate 15% of their daily sales to the Albion Public Library. Last year they donated over $400! Plus, if you choose to dine-in, you can enter your name to win a $10 gift card! If you can’t be in Albion tomorrow, don’t fret… Eat at any Runza and it will benefit the local library in that town. It’s a great way to support a library… And, trust me, we appreciate it!

Aug 07

Updates to the Library

The library board and staff are always trying to make the library an inviting and fun place to visit.  In the past, we’ve added new kids’ programing, a coffee corner, and added new shelves to the kids’ basement.  Recently, we were lucky enough to receive grant money from both the Aksarben Foundation and the Mansfield Foundation.  We are excited for you to see our updates coming soon!  With the generosity of these two foundations, we will be able to update the teen section, and kids’ section and add a cozy new place to sit in both the toddler section and the coffee corner.  I’ll post pictures as things happen… And, be sure to stop by and check out what we’ve done to make your library amazing!

Jul 18

“Go Set a Watchman” by Harper Lee

We just received our copy of “Go Set a Watchman” by Harper Lee. If you would like to be on a waiting list to read it, please contact the library. Happy Reading!

Jul 08

From the Albion Weekly News, Dec. 11, 1919:

Midway at the Boone County Fair

Arrangements were made whereby all the directors and their wives, all the superintendents together with their wives or husbands as the case might be together with one of the ministers of Albion and his wife, were made a censoring committee and they were passed through the entire midway, and not a single person in this entire company was shocked beyond recovery.

The object of this committee being appointed and passed through the shows was to refute the reports that some few knockers were giving out that the midway was not being conducted decently, and that there were gambling devices and concessions of a very questionable character being permitted to operate on the grounds. The County Attorney, Mr. Flory had a commission to look after the gambling devices and after closing one or two passed all the rest as all right. We feel that all due precaution was used to avoid the very things that faulted and the report of the committee was “the things complained of and talked about do not exist.”

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