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Meet the Staff

Staci Sandman – Library Director

  • I have loved reading for as long as I can remember and I’ve tried to instill that love into my three boys.  Growing up, I visited either the school library or local library on a weekly basis… I longed for a book when I didn’t have one to read and enjoyed spending my allowance on new books (“The Babysitters Club,” specifically).  To date, my two favorite books are “Angela’s Ashes” and “The Borning Room.”  I appreciate a book that pulls at the emotions and makes me think as I close the last page.  In November 2011, I was lucky enough to become the Albion Public Library Director… Now I get to visit the library every day!  And, I truly enjoy my job! My favorite part is working with Children’s Programming.  It’s amazing to see kids’ faces light up when they discover something new and exciting! They also tend to teach me something new along the way.

Staci Wright – Assistant Librarian

Sarah Seamann – Library Aide

Beth Kratchovil – Library Aide

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