Buying & Selling Things Online

Building an Online Business

Build Your Online Business (Grow With Google): These video lessons use Google tools to help you plan and start your online business.


How to Start a Craft Business (Small Business Administration): Use this guide to start a craft business. They have additional links in the “Business Guide” section.    

7 Steps to Starting a Small Business Online (Entrepreneur): This guide will help you learn the basics of starting a business online.       

How to Make a Small Business Website Step by Step (WPBeginner): Learn how to use WordPress to build a website for your online business.

Buy & Sell Crafts On Etsy

An Introduction to Buying on Etsy (Etsy): Learn the best ways to search for and buy handmade creations, vintage items, tools, and supplies on Etsy.


Introduction to Etsy for Buyers Course (TechBoomers): Learn how to sign up, search, leave reviews, and return items through Etsy, an online store for craft-lovers and craft-makers.


How to Sell on Etsy (TechBoomers): Learn how to sell your own wares online through Etsy.


Beginner’s Guide to Selling on Etsy (Etsy): Learn how to open your shop, add listings, market, and manage your Etsy shop.


Buying & Selling Used Goods on eBay

Introduction to eBay Course (TechBoomers): Learn how to search for items, pay securely, track and manage orders on Ebay.


Introduction to Selling on eBay Course (TechBoomers): Learn how to set up an eBay store, list items for sale, and manage your online shop through eBay.


How to Buy Used Gear on eBay (WIRED): Find tips for searching, price comparison, efficient bidding, and choosing safe sellers.

Safe Shopping Tips

14 Tips for Safe Online Shopping (PC Magazine): Tips to stay safe while shopping online.

Online Shopping Tips (Privacy Rights Clearinghouse): Guide to finding secure websites, reading privacy policies, safe ways to pay online, and more.

How to Safely Pay for Goods and Services with Someone You Don’t Know (Consumer Reports): Tips to help you navigate the changing world of online payment systems.

15 Tips for Safe Holiday Online Shopping (LifeLock & Norton): Tips for finding secure websites. It’s geared toward the holidays, but these tips are true year-round.

Booking Flights & Hotels Online

Travel Planning Guide (BudgetYourTrip): This guide will help you build an itinerary, estimate costs, find cheaper flights, find transportation at your destination, travel safely, and more.


Introduction to Expedia Course (TechBoomers): Learn how to get travel deals and book flights, hotels, and car rentals online using Expedia.


Introduction to Priceline Course (TechBoomers): Learn how to “name your own price” on Priceline to get flight, hotel, and car rental deals online.


Introduction to Kayak Course (TechBoomers): Learn how to use Kayak to book travel accommodation deals online. Use their tool to track prices over time.


Introduction to TripAdvisor Course (TechBoomers): Learn how to use TripAdvisor to find the best restaurants, local attractions, and plan your trip.

Safe Online Payment Methods

Introduction to PayPal (TechBoomers): Learn how to get started with PayPal for safe, secure online payments and money transfers.


What is Venmo? (Tom’s Guide): Venmo lets you pay and request money from friends. Some businesses accept Venmo as well. Learn how it works and decide if it is right for you.


The Best Ways to Pay Online Safely (The Balance): Discover the potential risks and best practices for paying for purchases online.

Buying on Amazon

Introduction to Amazon Course (TechBoomers): Learn everything you need to know about starting an Amazon account to shop at one of the largest online retailers.

How to Sell on Amazon (Amazon): Find out which products you can sell on Amazon and how to get started as a seller on Amazon.


Handmade Amazon (Amazon): Find out how to sell your own handmade goods on Amazon.

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