Connect with People Online

Video Conferencing Tools

Getting Started with Zoom (GCFLearn): Get comfortable using Zoom with friends & family.

How to Use Zoom Course (TechBoomers): Organized by topic to get started with Zoom.

Google Hangouts (GCFLearn): Get comfortable using Google Hangouts with friends & family.

Google Meet Training (Google): Learn the basics of this video meeting platform.

How to Use Google Hangouts Course (TechBoomers): Organized by topic to learn Google Hangouts.

How To Use House Party (YouTube- Techboomers): Video chat & play games to connect.

How to Use Facetime (Apple): iPhone users can use the built-in Facetime app to connect. 

Which Video Chat App Should I Use? (Vogue): Learn the difference between popular apps.

Get Started on Social Media

Facebook Tutorial Series (GCFLearn)


Facebook Basics Course (TechBoomers)


Twitter Tutorial Series (GCFLearn)


Introduction to Twitter Course (TechBoomers)


Instagram Tutorial Series (GCFLearn)


Introduction to Instagram Course (TechBoomers)


Pinterest Tutorial Series (GCFLearn)


Introduction to Pinterest Course (TechBoomers)


Blog Basics & What is Tumblr (GCFLearn)


Introduction to Tumblr Blogging (TechBoomers)

Privacy & Security on Social Media

Securing Social Media Accounts & Devices (Stay Safe Online): Find best practices, tips and tricks for staying safe and keeping private information private on social media.


Social Media Data Privacy Awareness (YouTube- Technology Services at Illinois): Find out how your information is collected and used on social media.


How to Use Facebook Privacy Settings (Consumer Reports)


Twitter Safety & Security (Twitter)


5 Safety Tips for Using Pinterest (TechBoomers)


How to Use Instagram Privacy Settings (Consumer Reports)


How to Use WhatsApp Privacy Settings (Consumer Reports)

Connecting via Email

Email Basics (GCFLearn): Learn common email features, using calendars, and email etiquette.


Gmail (GCFLearn): Learn how to use Gmail, Google’s free email service.


How to Use Gmail Course (TechBoomers)


7 Google Privacy Settings You Should Enable Now (Mashable)

Ways to Communicate Online

All About Online Communication (GCFLearn): Learn how and when to use different communication methods, including email, video chat, instant messaging, blogging, and more.    

10 Ways to Communicate Using the Internet (Techwalla): Discover the history of online communication, if you’re interested in how the technology came about.

Keeping Kids Safe in Cyberspace (Center for Parenting Education): A guide to help parents learn and navigate safe use of digital communication for children and teens.

Evolution of Communication Across Generations (Notre Dame of Maryland University): Learn how different generations approach online communication, and how to bridge the gap.

Positive Online Identity

Managing Personal vs. Professional Identify on Social Media: Queens University of Charlotte talks about how to navigate personal and professional life on social media.

6 Keys to a Positive Online Presence and Reputation: This article in Entrepreneur magazine provides some great tips for putting your best foot forward in the business world.   

Digital Footprint (Coursera): The University of Edinburgh offers an online course about how to build a positive professional presence online. The course is free to audit and can be upgraded for a certificate.

LinkedIn & Professional Online Identity: Yale University offers a great set of recommendations for curating your professional online profile.   

Dealing with Miscommunication

Email in Real Life: This is both entertaining and hits home in a lot of ways. See how email can be interpreted in all the wrong ways.

10 Digital Miscommunications- And How to Avoid Them: Harvard Business Review outlines some potential missteps in online communication, and how to avoid some of the major pitfalls.

Why Is There So Much Miscommunication Via Email and Text? Psychology Today clears up a few questions about why we get so emotion about seemingly simple texts. Find out how to sit back and take a breather.

(Video) The Importance of Nonverbal Cues as Told by “Friends”: This YouTube video uses scenes from the TV show Friends to show how communication can go wrong, and what we can do about it online.

Cyberbullying & Trolling

What is Cyberbullying: is a thorough resource for learning about cyberbullying tactics, prevention, and impact on the lives of students.   

Top Ten Tips for Adults Who Are Being Harassed Online: This printable top ten list can help adults in need of assistance in the cyber world. 

Cyberbullying Research Center: Find a collection of resources for all ages.

Coke’s Super Bowl Ad Puts Spotlight on Cyberbullying: This NPR article shows how big companies care about people. Help people turn a negative experience into a positive experience.

Online Forums & Discussion Groups

How to Join an Online Forum (WikiHow): A step-by-step guide to find and join an online community or forum. You might have to try a few before finding one that works for you.


List of Internet Forums (Wikipedia): Explore this long list of online communities to find a group that matches your interests, hobbies, or career goals. Note: Not all groups are still active!


Mozilla Forum Etiquette: The ground rules for participation in Mozilla’s forums can and should be applied to every forum and social interaction online.

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