Library Policies


The library offers patrons home and library access to many resources: books, magazines, large print books, DVDs, audio books, and eBooks. Services provided include computers and internet access, Wi-Fi, printers and a copy machine, fax machine, on-line databases, online card catalog, inter-library loan, adult programs, children’s programs, children’s summer reading programs, and shut-in services. Books are taken to Hillcrest Terrace and Sr. Center once a month. In addition, the library offers a conference room for use free of charge by non-profit organizations.


Meets the first Monday of each month at 2PM in the library conference room. Current members are Don Jardon, Bryan Lubeck, Pam Miller, Cathy House and Mary Jo Radil. The five member board governs library policies.

All meetings are open to the public.


The Friends of Hoesch Memorial Library meets most every month on the second Tuesday at 4PM in the library conference room. Anyone interested in becoming a member should contact Kay Rivers 402-770-6819. Yearly dues are $5 per person or $10 per business.


Donations can be made through the Friends of Hoesch Memorial Library. Money can be given by an individual, family, organization, or business — for memorials, estate planning, annual charitable giving, or to commemorate a special event. You may designate what you want it to be used for — books, needed furnishings, or decor for inside or outside the library. Otherwise, the Friends group may use it for future renovations — not the day to day operation of the library. Donations might be used to replace doors, add shades, etc. and/or perhaps funding an addition in the future. Donations can be given to the staff at the library, being sure to tell them if there is something you want it used for.

 Please make checks payable to “Friends of Hoesch Memorial Library” for any donations you wish to make.

Printer Prices

All 8 1/2 x 11 Print Jobs

Our Paper                                                        Your Paper

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Faxing will remain @ $1 per page

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