New DVD’s & New System

We have an extensive DVD collection that was bursting to the seams. It was down to removing items from the collection, stop purchasing new DVD’s or find a more streamline storage and display system. We chose the latter. Our new system allows us to store over a thousand DVD’s in a much smaller space. A new display box showcases each title in alphabetical order. Patrons will now take home both the DVD and the artwork packet.Please help us to take care of our collection by using the DVD carefully when viewing it and returning the packets to the DVD drop box.

These are the latest DVD’s that will be added to our collection:

Peter Pan, The Call, Oz:  The Great and Powerful, Promised Land, Fool’s Gold, Monster’s Inc, Snitch, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, War Horse, Jack Reacher, Identity Thief, Safe Haven, Les Miserables, Gangster Squad, The Impossible, Guilt Trip, Silver Linings Playbook and Snow White and the Huntsman.


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