Tales and Tails!

Meet therapy dogs Hugo and Eva this Saturday, January 13th at 11 AM.

The library will be getting some help from two furry friends this Saturday. Two therapy dogs, but not lap dogs by any means, Eva weighs in at 154lbs and Hugo weighs in at 156lbs, will be visiting the library along with their owners to help us understand their important roles. Owned by Dr. Richard and Lori Reiner of Holdrege, Hugo and Eva are Leonbergers. Both are trained and registered therapy dogs through the Alliance of Therapy Dogs in Cheyenne , Wyoming.  Leonbergers were bred in Leonberg, Germany in the early 18th century by crossing St. Bernard’s, Great Pyrenees, and Newfoundlands.  The citizens of Leonberg wanted a dog that looked like a lion, which is the crest of Leonberg.  They were also bred to pull heavy carts and machinery.

Eva and Hugo have a wonderful temperament, are very docile, and are good with people of all ages. They and their owners visit the Holdrege Public Library and they also visit Holdrege Memorial Homes every Friday afternoon. Therapy dogs have been proven to have a calming effect on people that may be in distress. Children’s reading groups have also used them, as children are more apt to read aloud to a supportive animal that won’t correct their reading mistakes.

The Reiners will talk more in depth about their therapy dogs on Saturday morning. Eva and Hugo will be ready to listen to a story and give out dog kisses.

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