Board Minutes

Klyte Burt Memorial Library
Board of Trustee
September 4, 2019

Mary Rittenhouse, Peggy Smith, NaTani Taylor and Neta Storm were in attendance.
Minutes were read. Mary moved and Peggy seconded to accept minutes as read.
$200 from State of Nebraska for Dollars for Data
$200 from Milton and Doris Krueger as a memorial for Derrick Nutt.
Letter from Medicine Creed Chamber of Commerce about NCTA care packages.
E-mail from Christa Porter at Library Commission inviting us to submit an application for accreditation.
Letter from Fall Festival Committee to enter a float.
Received the book Changing Seasons by Gail Pan from the Nebraska State Quilt Guild
Financial Report
Black Hills Energy-Natural Gas $31.91; Card Member Services-Books $138.75; Consolidated Telephone-Telephone and Internet $102.45; Curtis Light & Water-Utilities $132.11; Ingram-Books $54.13.
NaTani moved and Mary seconded to pay the bills.
Librarian’s Report
Summer Reading is over. We had 14 PS-1st graders and 3 2nd – 6th graders
Neta attended the workshop for Accreditation in Elwood. Guidelines not as strict as before.
Neta attended Golden Sower Reading day in Kearney. Will vote on best books July 27
Participated in Week of Weeding and Removed 246 books; 1 audio book; and 9 DVDs.
Many compliments on the landscaping. Benches may be available from the park.
Talked to Marcia about our Facebook page. She transfered control to Neta. Need to change the picture.
Couple came in July 5, and donated $20.
We have the Cricut Maker on loan from the Library Commission until the end of the month. It can cut fabric, vinyl, wood, leather, foam, cardstock; it will emboss, do ink infusion on fabric. Discussed places we could advertise that we have the Cricut to use.
New Business
Has the Budget been approved? Mary didn’t know, but she will attend the City Council meeting Sept. 11. Budget has been submitted.
Neta suggested that we have our meetings the Thursday before the 2nd Wednesday (City Council meeting). Peggy suggested we look at it month by month. Next meeting will be Monday, October 7, at 5:00 pm.
Neta proposed putting the library’s book collection on line. Libib would cost $99 per year and non-profits receive a 25% discount. We would need to purchase a scanner. On-line access would count toward accreditation. Peggy was concerned about how often we would have to update scanner and charger. Subject was tabled until later.
Old Business
Council has notified us that only people who live within the city limits of Curtis can serve on the board. Mary informed us that the council has approved Tyler Faber to serve on the board. Mary will see if they approve another member.
Discussion on replacing computers was tabled. Neta is to order ink for the printers.
Mary moved, Peggy seconded for the meeting to adjourn at 6:05 pm.

Board Minutes

Klyte Burt Memorial Library


April 2, 2020

NaTani called the meeting to order. Mary Rittenhouse, Tyler Faber, NaTani Taylor and Waneta Storm were present. NaTani read the minutes from the last meeting. Mary moved to accept the minutes as read. Tyler seconded the motion. Motion approved.

Financial Report

Waneta presented the financial report and expressed concern over the warrants for the credit card not matching the amount owed on the credit card for that month. Mary will find out what dates the billing for the credit card covers. Mary moved to approve the monthly bills. NaTani seconded the motion. Motion approved.

Librarian’s Report

Waneta is working on the Summer Reading Program.  We received a free book in Spanish and English from Rhonda Seacrest and a music CD from Jim Salestrom. Waneta attended a Summer Reading Workshop in McCook and a STEM workshop in North Platte. There were 75 trick-or-treaters, and 27 attendees at the Home Town Christmas open house.

The library doors are currently locked because of COVID-19. We discussed keeping the doors locked and letting people in.

New Business

Tyler said he had information on new computers at his office and would bring it to the next meeting.

Hopefully we can move toward getting more board members.

Tyler made a motion to adjourn; Mary seconded. Meeting adjourned.

Klyte Burt Memorial Library

Board of Trustee


September 3, 2020

Mary, Tyler, Neta and NaTani were in attendance. Minutes from the last meeting were read and approved.

$500 Memorial was received for Derrick Nutt. $200 was received from the Library Commission for Dollars for Data. Discussion was held about the benefits of being accredited. It was decided to look in to accreditation at a later date.

The Financial report was presented and discussed.

Bills were presented. NaTani moved to pay the bills, Mary seconded the motion. Motion passed. Black Hills Energy -Natural Gas – $30.99, Card Member Services -Books- $69.65, Consolidated -Telephone & Internet- $102.23, Curtis Light & Water -Utilities- $133.21 and Ingram -Books- $76.69.

Old Business

Computers: Tyler will look again to make sure computers are still similarly priced. We chose to work with DELL as they are cheaper. Mary suggested we also purchase keyboard covers. Tyler moved to purchase DELL computers as presented; NaTani seconded the motion. Motion passed to purchase new computers.

New Board Members: We will try posting vacancies on the community board.

New Business

Story Hour: Should we start having story hours at the library? It was decided to ask the City Council and SWNHD about offering children’s events.

The library will be closed for Fall Festival.

Mary moved to adjourn the meeting, Tyler seconded the motion. Meeting adjourned 5:36 pm.

Klyte Burt Memorial Library

Board of Trustees


May 10, 2021

Mary called the meeting to order.  Mary Rittenhouse, Tyler Faber, Cherri Wolfe, NaTani Taylor and Waneta Storm, Library Director were in attendance.

NaTani read the minutes of the September 3, 2020, meeting.  Mary motioned to approve the minutes as read; Tyler seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Correspondence: none

Financial Report was presented. The budgeted amounts do not match 2020-21 budget. Three months ago the budget was correct. City office is working to correct the budget.

Bills were presented:  Black Hills Energy                   Natural Gas                  $40.54

                                    Card Member Services           Books                             $97.17

                                    Consolidated                           Telephone/Internet     $102.66

                                    Curtis Light & Water               Utilities                        $102.65

                                    Ingram                                     Books                             $77.28

                                    Office Depot                            Printer toner                 $67.99

                                                                        Total                                        $488.29

Librarian’s Report

We received a signed copy of “Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me” by Mariko Tamaki from Junior Library Guild for winning their Comic Book Day give away.

Received a complimentary copy of Cut in Stone, Cast in Bronze: Nebraska’s Historical Markers & Monuments from the Nebraska State Historical Society Foundation.

Received a free book from Bloomsbury Publishing – Zorrie by Laird Hunt

Handouts were available for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas and Easter since there has been no story hour.

Library Stats for FY19-20 – on file

Working on Summer Reading/Summer Reading for Grades 2-6 will be in the AM to avoid pool competition

Summer Reading Virtual Workshop was on February 9.

Andrew Lee the new city administrator stopped in and introduced himself.

Jim Christensen would like to copy some genealogy files and wants board approval.

Old Business

Board Member to fill vacancy – Neta will ask some patrons.

Computers/printers – Tyler will look into new computers.

E-mailed Nick Brown about the wifi equipment. He doesn’t know how to hook it up.

New Business

Cleaning person – several options were suggested.  Tabled until next meeting.

Meeting times were discussed and dates set for the next few months.  Next meeting will be June 7th.

By laws were reviewed. Will check what is on file at the City office.

Officers were elected:  Mary Rittenhouse – President; Tyler Faber – Vice-President; NaTani Taylor – Secretary. Mary moved to adjourn the meeting, Tyler seconded – meeting adjourned.         

Klyte Burt Memorial Library

Board Minutes

July 12, 2021

Mary called the meeting to order with the following members present: Mary Rittenhouse, Tyler Faber and Cathy Campbell. Also present were Waneta Storm, Library Director and Andrew Lee, City Administrator.

Correspondence: State Aid $200; $400 from Milton and Doris Krueger in memory of Derrick Nutt.

Financial Report: Neta presented the financial report. Budget amounts remain incorrect. Andrew said the budget line items will be corrected at the end of the year. Percents used are correct. 2021 budget is due to the City in July. Andrew is asking that large capital expenditures be declared now. Expenses were presented. Tyler moved to pay the expenses, Cathy seconded. Motion approved.

Librarian’s Report: Summer Reading was held on Wednesday and Thursday mornings in June. Twenty-five children Pre-school thru Grade six participated. We made piggy banks, horsehair key chains, lion manes, clay octopi, and got to milk a cardboard cow. Three children registered on Reader Zone and have read 115 books.

Old Business: Cleaning Person: Mary will put the opening on the Community Facebook page, Neta will make flyers to put on bulletin boards around town.

Computers/printers: Tyler presented options for the library to replace older computers. It was decided to purchase 3 computer hard drive units at $1,054.00 each. Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat will be installed separately. Neta reported that there is $4000 in the budget for Technology. Tyler moved to purchase 3 computers. Cathy seconded. Motion approved.

New Business: ARPA money. The Nebraska Library Commission received a grant to be divided between all libraries. Klyte Burt’s share will be $3994. We need to apply for this grant by December 31, 2021. Money needs to be spent by next summer. Neta is going to see if it can be used for software for the new computers. Other suggestions for use were presented.

Next meeting will be August 2nd at 5:00 pm.

Tyler moved to adjourn, Cathy seconded.

Mary Adjourned the meeting at 6:02 pm.

Klyte Burt Memorial Library

Board Minutes

September 2, 2021

Members in attendance: Cherri Wolfe, Tyler Faber, NaTani Taylor, and Waneta Storm, Library Director; Abscent Cathy Campbell

NaTani read the minutes. Cherri moved to accept the minutes as read; Tyler seconded. Motion carried.

Correspondence – none

Financial Report – none

Neta presented the bills: Black Hills Energy – Natural Gas $30.25; Brown’s – Repair AC $91.17; Card Member Services – Books $120.15; Consolidated – Telephone & Internet $102.23; Curtis Light & Water – Utilities $140.86; Dell Financial – 3 Computers $3,213.27; Ingram – Books $37.18. Total $3735.11

Tyler moved to approve the bills; Cherri seconded. Motion carried.

Librarian’s Report: Neta applied for the formula grant of $3,994 and it has been paid. She will check with Andrew to see if it has been received. We are also eligible to apply for Library Improvement and Youth Grant for Excellence. For this year only libraries do not need to be accredited or provide matching funds.

Discussion was held on whether to offer story hours this fall. It was decided to go with what is recommended by the school.

Old Business: Tyler will look into software for the new computers; Uses for the ARPA Grant money was discussed with suggestions of a wifi printer and a wifi patio area on the east side of the building. Neta is to check into these. Also indoor and outdoor furniture. A cleaning person is still in need. NaTani moved to have Neta look into the cost of a cement pad for the outdoor furniture and also the cost of a wifi printer; Cherri seconded. Motion carried

New Business: Grant money options, competitive grant deadline is October 7.

NaTani moved to accept the resignation of Mary Rittenhouse; Tyler seconded. Motion carried.

Discussion was held on possible members to replace Mary.

Tyler moved to adjourn the meeting; Cherri seconded. Motion carried.