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February 2023

Movies (all movies are DVD unless otherwise noted)

Angry neighbors
A discovery of witches — The complete trilogy /
The estate
Schitt$ Creek — The complete collection.
The minute you wake up dead
Whitney Houston: I wanna dance with somebody


Video Games

Title                                                      Platform

Blaze and the monster machines — Axle City racers    Nintendo Switch
Five nights at Freddy’s: help wanted                             Nintendo Switch
Green Adventure: Farmer Friends                                  Nintendo Switch


Adult Non-Fiction

                           Title                                                      Author               

Nolo’s quick LLC: all you need to know about limited liability companies Mancuso, Anthony.
8 rules of love: how to find it, keep it, and let it go Shetty, Jay,
Estate planning basics Clifford, Denis,
My lobotomy: a memoir Dully, Howard,
Spare Harry, G. Bryan


Young Non-Fiction

                           Title                                                      Author                      

Independence Day Sabelko, Rebecca,
Juneteenth Sabelko, Rebecca,
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Rathburn, Betsy.
Veterans Day Rathburn, Betsy.
All about money Flynn, Sarah Wassner,
Who was the voice of the people?: Cesar Chavez Blas, Terry,
I am Ruby Bridges Bridges, Ruby
Who sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott?: Rosa Parks Fitzpatrick, Insha,
Who was a daring pioneer of the skies?: Amelia Earhart Gillman, Melanie,
Who was the first man on the moon?: Neil Armstrong Page, Nathan,
Who Is The Man in the Air?: Michael Jordan Soria, Gabe
The hidden girl: a true story of the Holocaust Kaufman, Lola Rein,

Adult Fiction

                           Title                                                  Author 

The light in hidden places Cameron, Sharon,
The Lindbergh nanny: a novel Fredericks, Mariah,
Class mom: a novel Gelman, Laurie,
On Mystic Lake Hannah, Kristin.
Sleeping beauties: a novel King, Stephen
T wo weeks Kingsbury, Karen
The house at the end of the world Koontz, Dean R
The unhoneymooners Lauren, Christina,
The snow hare Lichtarowicz, Paula,
The housemaid’s secret McFadden, Freida,
Online resource:  Someone else’s shoes: a novel Moyes, Jojo,
3 days to live Patterson, James
Murder book Perry, Thomas Sergeant
Encore in death Robb, J. D.
Daughters of victory Saab, Gabriella,
Things we hide from the light Score, Lucy
When winter comes Shannon, V. A,
Most of all you: a love story Sheridan, Mia,
The Raffle Baby Talbot, Ruth
A Tale of Two Christmases Whittaker, Rosemary

Young Adult Fiction 

                           Title                                                      Author

Hex you Cast, P. C
The Headmaster’s List De la Cruz, Melissa,
The Luminaries Dennard, Susan,
Real bad things Ford, Kelly J.,
The ballad of never after Garber, Stephanie,
Once upon a broken heart Garber, Stephanie,
Maus: a survivor’s tale Spiegelman, Art.
Sleeping beauties Youers, Rio,
Sleeping beauties: a graphic novel — Part 1 / Youers, Rio,
I Am Not A Number Heathfield, Lisa
If he had been with me Nowlin, Laura,
Powerless Roberts, Lauren
Immortality: a love story Schwartz, Dana,
The way I used to be Smith, Amber,
The date to save Strohm, Stephanie Kate,
It’s not me, it’s you Strohm, Stephanie Kate,
Love à la mode Strohm, Stephanie Kate,
Prince in disguise Strohm, Stephanie Kate,
16 & pregnant: a novel Thomas, LaLa,



Junior Fiction

                       Title                                                      Author

Infected Crawford, Terrance,
The grace of wild things Fawcett, Heather
Besties — find their groove / Miller, Kayla,
The Adventure zone — 5, — The eleventh hour / McElroy, Clint,
The Adventure zone — 4, — The crystal kingdom / McElroy, Clint,
The adventure zone — v.3 / — Petals to the metal McElroy, Clint,
The adventure zone — Volume 2, — Murder on the Rockport Limited! / McElroy, Clint,
Arcade World — Stage 1, — Dino trouble / Bitt, Nate,
Arcade World — Stage 2, — Zombie invaders / Bitt, Nate,
Arcade world — Stage 3, — Robot battle / Bitt, Nate,
Big Nate — Vol. 2, — Prank you very much / Peirce, Lincoln.
Frizzy Ortega, Claribel A.,
Speak up! Burgess, Rebecca,
Bird & Squirrel all together Burks, James
Crabgrass: comic adventures Bondia, Tauhid,
Darkwing Duck  
The adventure zone — Here there be gerblins / McElroy, Clint,
Paws: Mindy Makes Some Space Fairbairn, Nathan.
Beak & Ally — #2, — Bedtime jitters / Feuti, Norman,
FGTeeV saves the world! Díaz Rivas, Miguel,
InvestiGators — 4, — Ants in our P. A. N. T. S. / Green, John
InvestiGATORS Green, John
InvestiGators — Take the plunge / Green, John
Heist and seek Green, John Patrick,
Investigators: off the hook Green, John Patrick,
InvestiGators — 5, — Braver and boulder / Green, John Patrick,
Besties: work it out Miller, Kayla,
Clash Miller, Kayla,
Crunch Miller, Kayla,
Primer: a superhero graphic novel Muro, Jennifer,
Pea, Bee, & Jay — 5, — Gotta find Gramps / Smith, Brian,
Snoopy soars to space Schulz, Charles M
Snoopy: cannonball! Schulz, Charles M
Sonic the Hedgehog: trial by fire Stanley, Evan,
Let’s swing, Spidey Team! Behling, Steve,
Team Spidey does it all! Behling, Steve,
The Odds: run, Odds run Stanton, Matt
Iceberg Nielsen, Jennifer A.,
A snow day for Plum! Phelan, Matt,
The underdogs West, Tracey
Mission impastable Luper, Eric,



Children’s Fiction (BOARD BOOKS)

                           Title                                              Author



Children’s Fiction

                           Title                                                    Author

Girl versus squirrel Barrett, Hayley,
My little golden book about Johnny Appleseed Houran, Lori Haskins
Eric loves animals: (just like you!) Carle, Eric
Cleanup crew Cena, John.
When Things Aren’t Going Right, Go Left Colagiovanni, Marc/ Reynolds, Peter H. (ILT)
I found a kitty! Cummings, Troy.
Online resource:  Sleepy Sheepy Cummins, Lucy Ruth,
The smallest spot of a dot: the little ways we’re different, the big ways we’re the same Davis, Linsey,
Pete the Cat and the Easter basket bandit Dean, Kim,
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial  
Queen Elizabeth II Arena, Jen,
Harriet Tubman: a Little Golden book biography Brown-Wood, JaNay,
The poky little puppy’s wonderful winter day Chandler, Jean,
Willie Nelson: a little golden book biography Smith, Geoffrey Bache
My little golden book about Abraham Lincoln Bader, Bonnie,
Back to the Future kaplan, arie
Bob Ross Correa, Maria,
My little golden book about Dolly Parton Hopkinson, Deborah,
We can count on Eleven Smith, Geoffrey Bache
Elmo’s best Thanksgiving ever! Shepherd, Jodie.
Garfield, the cat show Simone, Norma,
Yawn!: a Grumpy Cat bedtime story Foxe, Steve,
I’m a leprechaun Loehr, Mallory,
My little golden book about Martin Luther King, Jr Bader, Bonnie,
My little golden book about the first moon landing Lovitt, Chip,
Noah’s ark Hazen, Barbara Shook,
The tale of Paul Bunyan Houran, Lori Haskins
Peppa and George love Easter! Carbone, Courtney,
Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer Bunsen, Rick,
Scooby-Doo! and the pirate treasure Lewis, Jean,
Hooray for snow! Carbone, Courtney,
My Little Golden Book about Washington, DC Volin, Rich.
Egg Henkes, Kevin
Got your nose! Katz, Alan,
Fluffy McWhiskers: cuteness explosion Martin, Stephen W.,
Blue sky white stars Naberhaus, Sarvinder,
Online resource:  Over in a stable Nelson, Suzanne
All are neighbors Penfold, Alexandra,
Peppa loves St. Patrick’s Day  
Cooking with the Birthday Bird Armand, Glenda,
Dr. Seuss’s every voice counts!: make yourself heard! Seuss
Sink or swim? Stephens, Elle,
How to catch a Loveosaurus Walstead, Alice,
Scooper and Dumper Ward, Lindsay,
I’m a frog! Willems, Mo
Doug the pug and the kindness crew Yin, Karen,
How do dinosaurs learn to be kind? Yolen, Jane

Children’s Fiction  (EASY READER)                       Title                                         Author

The Addams family — Meet the family / West, Alexandra,
Bam and the Batwheels! Wrecks, Billy,
Daniel goes on an egg hunt Testa, Maggie,
Earth Day McNamara, Margaret
The sky’s the limit! Eliopulos, Nick,

Children’s Fiction  (EARLY CHAPTER)

                           Title                                      Author

Lil mouse is in the house! Gutman, Dan
Peach and Plum, here we come!: a graphic novel in rhyme McCanna, Tim,


Audio Books

                           Title                                 Author 




Adult Large Print

                           Title                                   Author 



Golden Sower Titles 22 – 23

Letters from Cuba Behar, Ruth,
Every missing piece Conklin, Melanie,
The Silver Arrow Grossman, Lev,
The lion of Mars Holm, Jennifer L.,
Twins Johnson, Varian,
Clues to the universe Li, Christina,
The list of things that will not change Stead, Rebecca,
Brave like that Stoddard, Lindsey,
Trees make perfect pets Czajak, Paul.
Trees make perfect pets Czajak, Paul.
This way, Charlie Levis, Caron,
This way, Charlie Levis, Caron,
The perfectly perfect wish Mantchev, Lisa,
The perfectly perfect wish Mantchev, Lisa,
The three billy goats buenos Elya, Susan Middleton,
The three billy goats buenos Elya, Susan Middleton,
How to catch a clover thief Parsley, Elise,
How to catch a clover thief Parsley, Elise,
Outside, inside Pham, LeUyen,
Outside, inside Pham, LeUyen,
On account of the gum Rex, Adam.
On account of the gum Rex, Adam.
The box turtle Roeder, Vanessa,
The box turtle Roeder, Vanessa,
Lift Lê, Minh
Lift Lê, Minh
Mel fell Tabor, Corey R.,
Mel fell Tabor, Corey R.,
The incredibly dead pets of Rex Dexter Reynolds, Aaron
The incredibly dead pets of Rex Dexter Reynolds, Aaron
Flight of the puffin Braden, Ann,
Fighting words Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker,
Efrén divided: a novel Cisneros, Ernesto,
Golden arm Deuker, Carl
Millionaires for the month McAnulty, Stacy,
Coop knows the scoop Souders, Taryn,
Before the ever after Woodson, Jacqueline,
The inheritance games Barnes, Jennifer

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