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June 2012

Written By: Deb Lawson - Jun• 11•12

Two weeks early!  Everything this spring and summer is two weeks early.  Including harvest which will be starting here by the end of the week.  Be especially careful and courteous on the roads this season as you manuever around the large combines, trucks and grain carts on the road.  It can be a tense couple of weeks trying to get the grain out of the field and in the bins before the ‘big white combine’ comes to visit again.   I take a book along each day but rarely have time to sit long enough to get it open before I’ve got the tandem on the road again.  Long, hot days certainly get tiring but rarely boring!

Take a minute to check out the list of new large print westerns in our collection donated by Harley & Ernie Hamilton in memory of their father.  What a great way to honor a parent who taught you to love reading!  Thanks, guys!

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