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October 2012

Written By: Deb Lawson - Oct• 22•12

It’s wet in Hayes County!!!  Well, not really.  I’m just so tired of saying “it’s dry” that I decided to change it up a bit.  The power of positive thinking?  If that actually worked, it would have rained many weeks ago.  We’re all in the same boat – so to speak.  Except this boat needs waders for dust.

All summer we have had critters come up and stand under the sprinklers on the lawn.  Pheasant, quail, deer.  The deer decimated my garden by taking big chunks out of the cucumbers and tomatoes and eating the blooms and tops out of the beans.  They could have had better pickens if they hadn’t tromped it all to pieces before the first frost.   I tried yelling and waving my arms only to find they were back twenty minutes later.  Then we pulled out the pellet gun.  It didn’t motivate them to move on either.  Now that the garden has frozen they have taken to eating the flowers out of the hanging baskets at my back door and standing on their back legs to reach the berries on the cedar tree.  Maybe it’s time to double the hunting permits in Hayes County!

If you have more time now that the gardening is over and before you think about Christmas shopping you might want to come in and look over all the new books we’ve added since spring.  Several nice boxes of donations and a purchase of large print books has the shelves overflowing.  I’ve discovered many new and interesting authors if you need a change of pace.  Or, we have lots of the old standbys as well.  Come on in and CHECK  IT  OUT.  .  .

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