Library Planning Committee Update – April 29, 2021

The Library Planning Committee recommended hiring BVH Architecture to complete a feasibility study. The Library Board has accepted that recommendation and entered into a contact. BVH Architecture has met with the Library Planning Committee. Architects and engineers will be examining the current structure and location of the library, as well as exploring alternate sites, and preparing cost analyses on those options. Community input sessions will be held (schedule to be released soon) to seek input and feedback on the options and proposals. In the meantime, comments, questions, and concerns about the project should be directed to the committee members.

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  1. Donna Kathleen Epping

    I enjoy the current library building and have never had an issue finding a place to park. I am sick of certain people constantly pushing to blow taxpayer money to replace a structure that is adequate. My biggest complaint with the library is the excessive number of pro liberal books that the library staff purchase with taxpayer money. I sometimes feel that the library is also the headquarters of the Democrat party of Phelps county. Many conservative residents feel that our library poorly reflects Phelps county voters beliefs and values.

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