Book Discussion

The first book I chose to discuss is:  “The Orchardist” by Amanda Coplin.  First of all, I thought this book was excellent.  I found the theme orginial and refreshing.

The story begins with a boy and sister  following their mother north of the silver mining camp where his father was killed to an isolated valley.  In this valley was a dirty run down shack and two ailing Gravenstein apple trees.  The mother decided that this was the place to start over, a place where they could make a living.

The story grows through the saddness of losing his mother because of a respiratory disease, to starting an orchard and the disappearence of his sister, to discovering two runaway girls hiding on his land.  The main character grows into a contented man that only wants his family to be his orchard, only to  discover how important it is to have others in your life.>

I encourage you to read it.  I look forward to discussing this book with everyone!

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