Foundation Projects May 3rd, 2012

MeMe Smith

The mission of the Schuyler Public Library Foundation is to serve as the catalyst to attract and manage financial gifts to help the library address emerging community needs and capital projects.

Together with schools, churches and the hospital, a library is one of the cornerstones of a healthy community.  Libraries contain the heritage of humanity: the record of its triumphs and failures, its intellectual, scientific, and artistic achievement, and its collective memory.  They are a source of knowledge, scholarship, and wisdom. Our community benefits when you and your neighbors use the readily available source of information and resources to make better business decisions, improve job skills, expand your children’s horizons or just to read and have fun.

Libraries give people the opportunity to experience great art, explore great minds and experience new ideas.  They also provide a gathering place to share ideas and fellowship.

Our library needs to reflect the diversity and character, and the needs and expectations of our community.  However, it needs more and better space to meet and exceed those needs and expectations. As has happened before, our current facilities are inadequate to provide for the needs of our users.  The usefulness of the building is hampered by its sturdy, but impossible-to reconfigure construction. It is also too small to accommodate its growing collection and the growing number of users who need to access that collection.  There simply isn’t enough space for the books, technology, meetings and programs that people in this community rely upon.

Schuyler needs to move its library to a new, accessible facility that can provide the space and services that the people of Schuyler have come to expect.  A new facility will provide better access to the resources users need, and also greatly improve on public space for programs and meetings.

Your Schuyler Library Foundation needs your help in making this new facility a reality.  We need to raise approximately $2.75 million to construct the building and configure it to make the best use our books, resources, technology and programs.  When you make a commitment to your library and to library service for all, you help assure the intellectual and economic health of our community.

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