Construction continues May 23rd, 2017


Although recent weather conditions  have been rainy, work is progressing on the new Schuyler Public Library building near Highway 15 and 18th Street.  This photo was taken the morning of May 23.


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Summer Reading Program 2017 May 19th, 2017


Registration for Summer Reading begins Monday, May 22.  Forms for the four-week program are available at the Circulation Desk near the front of the library.  There are three forms to be completed by parents or legal guardians.  This year’s theme is “Build A Better World”, and sessions begin Monday, June 5.  Information sheets for BABW are also available at the Circulation Desk.  Let’s make this a great summer!


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Internship Position Available May 17th, 2017

MeMe Smith

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SPL 2017 Internship Available Now! May 15th, 2017

MeMe Smith

SPL 2017 Internship Available Now!

Open internship tab above for more information.

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Frame going up! May 8th, 2017


Favorable weather conditions have allowed workers to make some

real progress on the new library building.  This photo was taken

Monday, May 8.

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Climb the Lego Wall April 20th, 2017


Hey kids, stop in and try our new Lego Wall/Table.  You can build

horizontally or vertically. What can YOU create?!

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Cleaning Position Available April 17th, 2017



Contract Cleaning Position at Schuyler Public Library

 Contract Cleaning Tasks

*Custodian is responsible for all the housecleaning chores inside the library building.

*Vacuum all areas of the carpet twice each week.

*Dust all tables, desks, chairs and furniture to include:

–Front Desks

–Radiators and window ledges

–Computer sign-in workstation

–All patron desks and chairs

–Computer desks, computers, peripherals.

–Brokenicky (meeting room) Room furniture.

–The tops of the shorter book cases.

*Clean restrooms twice each week to include lavatory, stool and floor. *Clean lobby windows, door windows, and floor weekly.

*Clean front windows once a month.

*Clean sink area in workroom twice each week.



 Please provide us with a monthly

quote for the above services.


MeMe Smith, Library Director Schuyler Public Library 1123 A Street Schuyler, NE 68661-1929 402-352-2221 Fax 402-352-5377

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Humanities Nebraska speaker tonight! April 10th, 2017

MeMe Smith

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Don’t be left out, enter our Six Word Story contest! April 10th, 2017

MeMe Smith

Schuyler Public Library Six Word Story Contest April 1- 12, 2017

There’s a literary legend that Ernest Hemingway once bet some friends he could write a story in just six words. He grabbed a pen and a napkin and wrote:   “For Sale: baby shoes, never worn.”  Now it’s your turn! 

Enter the Schuyler Public Library’s first Six Word Story contest between April 1 and 12, 2017, for a chance to win great library swag! A guest judge will review all of the submitted stories and will choose her favorite three as the winners. Winners will be announced on Friday of National Library Week, April 14.  

Send your Six Word Story in an e-mail to or place it in the drop box at the Library. Please include your full name and either a telephone number or an email.    


* Your story must have six words. *  Your story must be your original work.  * You may only use one contraction, such as I’m, can’t, wasn’t, etc., per story.  * No profanity or offensive language is allowed. * You may submit up to three Six Word Stories per contestant.  * Your Six Word Story must be submitted by April 12, 2017.  

Entrants must be a resident of Colfax County, a student in Schuyler Community Schools or have a valid Schuyler Public Library card.
By entering the Six Word Story Contest, you give the Schuyler Public Library the rights to post your story and name in the Library and through any library-related or media outlets.

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Tomorrow night is the night! ***DANCING LIKE THE STARS!*** April 7th, 2017

MeMe Smith

Come prepared for wonderful entertainment, great food, and a chance to vote with your dollars for your favorite dancers!

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