Occupational Wellness in a Service Profession

SELS is offering this special Zoom workshop on Tuesday, February 13, at 11 am. The description is below, and you can register here!

The pandemic is over and yet, mental health issues continue to plague our lives, increasing numbers of people deal with crippling anxiety, and many employees report feeling “angry, stressed, and disengaged” (Wall Street Journal, 2023). While thought leaders in corporate America are engaging in prolific discussions about “healthier work cultures”, it is much harder to find commentary geared towards those of us in service professions.  How do we, in libraries, work towards happiness, wholeness, and fulfillment as we constantly pour out and over others?  How do we foster work cultures that enable such things for our teams?

This presentation will offer a working definition of “occupational wellness” without dismissing accountability and excellence. It will also include strategies that can help nurture a work culture in which everyone is empowered to thrive.  How do we dedicate our lives in service to others AND protect our personal wellbeing?  Let’s start the discussion

Fuhrmans, V. and Ellis, L. (November 27, 2023). Why is everyone so unhappy at work right now? The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved January 4, 2024, from https://www.wsj.com/lifestyle/careers/workers-morale-pay-benefits-remote-52c4ab10

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