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Written By: Laura Alt - Jan• 15•15

Recycle 2015 002

Recycle Your Ink Cartridges

We are accepting used ink cartridges at the Shelby-Rising City Public Schools for recycling.  The cartridges are sent to a cartridges recycling center and we are reimbursed for them.  The money is used to buy new books for our library/schools.  So if your have any used cartridges you’d like us to recycle, please bring them to the Shelby Community Library, or the Shelby or Rising City Schools.  Place them in a sandwich bag and put it in our collection box.  We will take care of them for you! NO large laser cartridges are accepted with this program.  Most Dell, Hp, Lexnark and Cannon ARE accepted with this program.  We can recycle Epson cartidges for you but are not paid for them.

In addition to raising money for our library/schools, recycling inkjet cartrideges has a positive impact on the envirnment.  Consider the following: Nearly 1 million inkjets are thrown into our landfills every day.  Less than 5% of the cartridges produced are recycled.  It takes 1000 years for the plastic to decompose. Thanks for considering recycling!

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