Have You Read This Classic Story of a Pioneer Woman?

“A Lantern In Her Hand”, by author Bess Streeter Aldrich is the chosen novel by the Library’s book club members for the month of April.  In “A Lantern in Her Hand”, Abbie accompanies her family to the soon-to-be-state of Nebraska.  There, in 1865, she marries and settles into her own sod house.  The novel describes Abbie’s years of child-raising, of making a frontier home able to withstand every adversity.  A disciplined writer knowledgeable about true stories of pioneer days in Nebraska, Bess Streeter Aldrich conveys the strength of everyday thins the surprise of familiar faces, and the look of the unspoiled landscape during different seasons.  Refusing to be broken by hard experience, Abbie sets a joyful example for her family—and for her readers (from the publisher).  The Library has extra copies of this novel available for check out.   

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