Yutan Public Library Director Report for November 2020

The Library Board meeting was held on
December 7, 2020 at 7pm at the Yutan Public Library

In attendance:  Meg Stafford, Lynn Hapke, Mary Jo Robinson, & Mary Kay Arp

Absent:  Nathan Mumm

Director Laurie Van Ackeren and Asst Director Viki Miller present

Guests:  None

Revenue:  Total $22.85

Circulation Statistics:  543 check outs

Member Amount Saved:  $5,947.60

Over Drive Checkouts:  155 (online e-books)

Patron Visits:  Total 270

Adults 207

Juv  63

Curbside Pickups – 0         Home Deliveries – 2

Events in December:  Coffee Time (average of 6 adults), Sit n Stitch; formerly Crochet Club (average of 2 adults), Book Club (6 adults attended) and Children’s Movie Time (0 attendance)

Stats for August 2020:

Yutan Public Library August 2020


Fines:  $1.50

Total:   $1.50 (July .90)

Circulation Statistics

Checkouts: 680 (636)

Member Amount Saved

$13,182.93 ($6,729.16)

Over Drive Checkouts:  139 (163)

Patron Visits

Total:  219 (259)

Adults:  158 (151)

Juv:      61 (108)



Yutan Public Library Board Minutes

July 13, 2020

Members Present: Nate Mumm, Lynn Hapke, Meg Stafford and Mary Jo Robinson

Absent:  Mary Kay Arp

Library Employees Present:  Director Laurie Van Ackeren and Viki Miller (by telephone)

Guests:  none

Meeting was called to order at 7pm at the Rusty Rooster for safety reasons.  Open Meeting Act was not posted.

Old Business – Laurie has viewed the City’s printer but it needs to be transported to the library and tested.

New Business – Comprehensive discussion regarding the impact of the virus on the library.  The board edited the guidelines to be posted on social media and at the library.  Laurie made a really helpful and fun calendar to give out to patrons.

There was discussion regarding increasing the numbers of hours the library is open because of school returning to session.  It was agreed we would have to insure a budget increase if this were to occur.

Directors Report for June 2020:

Patron visits were up (238) and checkouts totals were up (500) when compared to March through May 2020.  Overdrive checkouts were up (164) and Member Amount Saved was $6,664.80.  The Library collected .70 in fines for the month of June.

There were no special events (due to Covid 19) and there were 4 curbside pickup and no home deliveries.

Motion to approved the claims/financials/minutes:   motion by Robinson, second by Hapke; All: yea

Motion to adjourn: motion by Hapke, second by Robinson; All: yea

The next library board meeting will be August 3, 2020 at 7pm.

Yutan Public Library Board Minutes 

January 6, 2020 Members Present: Nate, Mumm, Lynn Hapke, Mary Kay Arp, Meg Stafford and Mary Jo Robinson 

Library Employees Present: Laurie Van Ackeren and Lisa Leahy 

  1. Meeting was called to order at 7:00. Open Meeting Act-posted on west wall. 
  2. Visitors – Cole Bockelman, Yutan City Administrator 
  3. Minutes 
  4. Motioned by Mary Jo Robinson b. Second by Mary Kay Arp C. YEA 
  5. Old Business – Laurie was able to donate our old book deposit box to a Lincoln Elementary School. We have confirmation that the Yutan Library Foundation will pay for our new book cases. 
  6. New Business – We need more sitting chairs. Laurie will continue to search for some affordable chairs. 

Directors Report 

Patron visits were down (263) and checkouts totals were down by 68 when compared to November. Overdrive checkouts were slightly down by 6. The Library collected $10.30 in fines for the month of November, 

  1. Motion to Approve Emergency and Safety Policy and Overdue Book Policy
  2. Motioned by Lynn Hapke b. Second by Mary Jo Robinson c. YEA 

Special events held by the library, crochet, adult book club, toddler time, and coffee attendance was down from November. The Ribbon Bow Class was beautiful and attended by 9. 

The Headdress Ornament Class, given by Mary Jo, Vicki and Leslie had 2 attendees. The Cookie Exchange went pretty well but the Buddy the Elf Night had to be cancelled. The Coffee Holiday Potluck dinner was a resounding success with 16 in attendance. Special events planned for January include Bingo, Adult Craft, Shutterfly, Junk Journals, diy/Scented Bookmarks and Cootie Night. 

  1. Claims/Financials (See attached) 
  2. Motion to Approve the Claims/Financials 
  3. Motioned by Mary Kay Arp b. Second by Lynn Hapke c. YEA 
  4. Motion to Adjourn 
  5. Motioned by Mary Kay Arp b. Second by Lynn Hapke c. YE