Children’s Room Update

Little by little we have been receiving the items we purchased for the Children’s room. We have been waiting on the new rug which was said to be delivered but we had yet to actually receive it…until today! I went out the back door to take out the trash and there it was laying on the sidewalk! Oh boy. Not sure where, how or when but we now have the rug to complete the updates to our children’s area!

I love how our vision has come to life!

The rectangle acoustic panels will be mounted to the wall a little higher but not till we figure out exactly what we are doing with the library’s ceiling. I just had to put them up to see how it would all look!

We hope you enjoy this space to sit with your children and read books to them. We are excited to use this space for our Summer Reading Program as well!

Thanks to all who donated last November in order for us to reach the 50% match grant goal. We could not have done this without you!

The matching grant came from the Kreutz Bennett Donor-Advised Fund, an affiliate fund of Nebraska Community Foundation. The Fund provides support to public libraries located in Nebraska communities with populations under 3,000.

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