Cricut Mug Press Activity

Today we had our first 2023 Kids Book Club meeting. We started with the book New Kid by Jerry Craft. Our summer interns, Emma and Jensyn, started by asking the kids questions about the book and we spent the rest of the time making mugs.

Not just any mugs though, the kids personalized these mugs by designing what they wanted to put on the mugs, mirroring that image and cutting it out on an Infusible ink transfer sheet in the color or multi-color of their choice.

After the design is cut, they weeded out the background of the image so that only their design was left on the sheet. Then wrapped the transfer sheet around a blank mug and put it in the Cricut Mug Press. Everyone waited very patiently as the 10 minutes in the mug press went by and then once we were able to remove the mug, they waited patiently again as the mug cooled off.

Once we were able to take off the transfer sheet and reveal that their image was now infused into the mug, I am pretty sure they all had the same reaction of awe. So much fun to watch kids do this project!

The Cricut Maker, Cricut Mug Press and Infusible Ink transfer sheets were purchased with funds from the Youth Grants for Excellence from the Nebraska Library Commission and matching funds from a local donor. We are very grateful for the opportunity to bring this activity to kids in our community!
“This project was supported in part by the Library Services and Technology Act, administered by the federal Institute of Museum and Library Services and granted by the Nebraska Library Commission.”

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