COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Resource Page

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Resource Page

Your librarians are still hard at work inside the library brainstorming new, innovative ways we can serve you during the course of our closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  First up is our new COVID-19 Resource Page.  The page contains COVID-19 Fast Facts, links to reliable facts and information about the disease and subsequent pandemic.

Additionally, there is a page called Fun Stuff to Do Online with links to activities, resources, and free digital books that can be accessed while kids and parents are working to find information they can access from home while school is closed.  We are also working on a Fun Stuff for Grownups page as well, which will have links to things grown-ups can explore to occupy their time during social distancing and quarantine as well.  

What else would you like to see happening with your library?  Let us know!  Stay safe and we’ll see you soon!

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