Maintaining Collection

The same criteria will be used in “weeding” materials from the collection as are used in their acquisition (see Selection Policy).  In order to maintain the collection in its most attractive and useful condition, the Director will use her judgment in removing from the collection the following:

  1. Materials which have not been used in three or more years.
  2. Materials which are no longer valid and contain outdated and/or incorrect information.
  3. Materials which have been replaced by more current publications.
  4. Materials whose condition is no longer suitable for circulation. This includes items that cannot be repaired and/or which cause a threat to the existing collection and/or customers such as mold and mildew.
  5. Three to five percent (3-5%) of the library collection will be weeded each year. Recommendations for weeding shall be taken from the CREWS manual published by the American Library Association.
  6. Disposal of materials is up to the discretion of the Library Director.