Monthly Archives: April 2018

Books Awarded during National Library Week

Book winners during National Library Week include: Kennedy Fichtner, Vivie Koebel, Celia Koebel, Taron Galarneau, Kyla Scollard, Quincy Long, Truman Hancock, Charlotte Bortner, Reiman White, Britton Blomstedt, Carmen Daniel and Ethan Drullinger.

Adult book winners include: Ron Casper, Jim Relph, Viola Kelley, Jamie Ascherl, Bernie Wood, Lois Quigley, Cindy Wilson, Darren Burns, Ronda Wurm and Teresa Kipp.  Congratulations to all.

Things Hopping at the Library in April

Don’t miss out on all the activities at the Library this month. We are celebrating National Poetry Month with composing a  poem for us to display and checking out poetry books to enjoy.

National Library Week is being celebrated this week with different activities for children and adults to participate in when they stop by to check out a book, dvd, magazine or audio book. We have a duck pond to grab a duck, book drawing sign up, coloring contest, free bags, pens and pencils and Wednesday and Thursday we will open up the fishing booth. Come join in the fun or just stop in to see what is new.

Easter Basket Winners

Drawings were held to win one of the Easter Baskets filled with books, eggs and the sweet stuff. Winners in the children’s age group were: Kevin Wolfe, Vivie Koebel, Tristan Keith, Xander Galarneau, Cole Davidson, Wamen witt, Canon Crawford, Isaac Weiser, Merea Smith, Captain Carbaugh, Aaron Frank, Makayla Pate, Paisley Marvier and Naomi Michaelis.

Adult winners include: Donna Pleinis, Tiffany Corbett, Pam Sellers, Jackie Grassia, Roxanne Hurt and Brandi White.