Summer Reading Wrap up party !!

Written By: salfred - Jul• 30•18


Well Summer reading 2018 Libraries Rock has come to an end, we are sad to see it go but excited for next year i know it will be “out of this world”. We had a wonderful turn out for summer reading and lots of fun thank you to all who helped we really appreciate you. This year for Libraries Rock we had 52 Children, 9 Teens, and 11 Adults who participated and i could not be prouder of all of you ya’ll did a fantastic job!

For our adults and teens we played bingo, for every bingo card they got a ticket to put in the bucket of the basket they wanted we drew names on July 26th….

Our winners for the Adult and Teen Bingo were

  1. Kate

  2. Nedra

  3. Anne

  4. Julie

  5. Cindy

  6. Jackie

  7. Pete

  8. Jessica

  9. Pam

  10. Barbra

  11. Adrianna

  12. Jesika

  13. Eladia

  14. Lily

Great job and Congratulations to all of you!!

For the Children’s Program we had 4 Top Super readers to be a super reader you had to read over 2000 Pages our top 4 readers were

  1. Ella who read 17,925 pages

  2. Zoe who read 6500 pages

  3. Hayden who read 6000 pages

  4. Cecila who read 5000 pages

Everyone did a wonderful job congratulations all of you


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