Summer Reading Awesomeness!!

IMG_15881-IMG_15911-IMG_16231-IMG_16481-IMG_1655What a great first three weeks we’ve had at our Fizz, Boom, Read! Summer Reading Program!  What started out as a few children grew to over a dozen!  Thank you parents and patrons, it is such a joy to have your children here with us!  We started the 1st of July discussing our five senses.  We concentrated on sight and touch for our first reading.  We had the children close their eyes and only use the sense of touch to try and guess what was in our bags.  This tied in to demonstrate how people with limited vision use other senses to help them ‘see’. We had some fun with optical illusions using National Geographic’s Extreme Illusions and even built our own thaumatropes!  The second week, we had fun reading From Caterpillar to Butterfly by Deborah Heiligman, and talked about how science is used to help us better understand the natural world.  We took a small nature walk, identified some flowers and leaves, and even made our own nature journals!  Today, we read and learned about tornadoes using the book  Erased by a Tornado! by Jessica Rudolph.  We discussed what weather conditions produce tornadoes, where most United States tornadoes occur, and how scientists and meteorologists measure how ‘big’ a tornado is by using the Fujita Scale.  The readers demonstrated what to do in a tornado drill, and we all talked about the recent tornado in Pilger. We made tornadoes with water and drew various sizes and shapes of tornadoes.  THEN we had some great prizes to give away to the readers who returned the science projects we sent home!  All in all, a great first three weeks!  On July 22d we’ll be learning about oceans and making our very own ‘jellyfish’!    Don’t forget:  22 July is the last day to log your reading in order to attend the MASSIVE pizza party on the 29th!  We have even MORE awesome prizes to give away so read, read, read!!! Until next time, happy reading!



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