Grrrrreat Story Time and One Announcement

Shelby, Chelsea, Macey, Brayden, Ava, and Danielle with their "Littlest Lions"

Shelby, Chelsea, Macey, Brayden, Ava, and Danielle with their “Littlest Lions”

We had a roaring good time on Tuesday with Story Time!  We read The Littlest Lion by Carol Bicak; a true story about the lions at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha.  Instead of me coming up with a craft – these guys made their own lions based on the story.  Brayden was the winner of my quick contest; he nicely crafted not only the lion but the toys the lions played with. All their artwork is proudly displayed here in the library – stop by and take a peek! This picture was the ‘make the great face’ photo!  We had pumpkin cookies and chocolate milk (yummm) and overall I think we had a great time.  Our next story time is on 19 May at 4:45.  I have a request of all of you…please stop by the library and update your contact information.  I do try and call as a courtesy to advise of due books.  I can’t call you if your contact information isn’t up to date…just trying to save you a fine!  We’ve been re-open for a year and it is a great time to update your info if needed.  Hope to see you here at your Snyder Library!

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