Nebraska Strong <3

Hello, everyone! I am so sorry that I am only just now making a blog post for March. As you all know, it’s been one heck of a month.

The Dr. Seuss party was postponed due to cold weather, and we have decided to wait until May to have it as a end-of-school/Spring Party instead. I will post about it here and make new signs when we decide on a new date, but we are thinking about having it the first Saturday after the last day of school.

Our Young Adult Book Group has disbanded, I’m afraid. We will be having a brainstorming session (for new club ideas) tomorrow during club time, during which we will be doing crafts since it is Youth Art Month. Everyone is welcome! We had six people at Chess Club, six at Writing Club (yay!), and five at Board Game Night in February. This month, we had seven come to Chess Club and only two come to Writing Club, but we had a lot of fun at that one with the prompt we chose. We are hoping to come up with ideas for a new (or recurring) club tomorrow while we have some fun crafting, and then next week will be Board Game Night!

Devastation has struck our beautiful state these last couple of weeks, with record-breaking floods in the east and snowfalls in the west. The Snyder Auditorium was home to the North Bend nursing home, and the ballroom was home to the rest of North Bend’s citizens. Because of this, I opened up the library for the residents and staff to use, and we were not open to the public on the 17th. Everyone has cleared out now and we are open today, because I felt that local patrons and kids needed some semblance of normalcy before returning to school tomorrow.

I am so proud of the Snyder community for stepping up and taking on a whole other town and helping out as much as humanly possible during this disaster. We have a long way to go, but it’s great to know that we live in such a wonderful place and that Nebraska is able to pull together at a moment’s notice. We have resumed normal business hours and I will be available to help as much as needed. If anybody needs anything, please call the library or find me at the Snyder Mini Mart and I will do all that I can to assist you.

We are Nebraska Strong <3

Stay safe, everyone.

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