Watch Out for Scams

During times of disaster and uncertainty scammers know we’re at our most vulnerable. This is the time they’re most rampant and most successful. Fraud and schemes can start with an unsolicited phone call, via social media, email, or in person. Scams can be difficult to identify because they can operate in many forms from impersonating charities, the IRS or Treasury department, to completely bogus charities, and people claiming help you file claims or get tax refunds. Some will ask for donations, while others may directly ask for your financial information. If someone contacts you offering money in the form of grants, stimulus payments in exchange for your personal information, a fee, or the purchase of a gift card DO NOT RESPOND. These are just a few examples of scams, and must be reported. If you receive a scam phone call or email, contact the FBI at If you are subject of a scam, please contact the police department and report it. Visit our YouTube channel for tutorials and information on identifying, reporting, and stopping scams.

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