Talking With Active Seniors

LTC:  Talking with Active Seniors

The library set up a meeting with a Senior Swim Group at the local YMCA.  This group was exercised and ready for conversation. 

Our discussion was centered on what things concerns you.  To prod them along, I said, what things do your children warn you about?  We had a great conversation.  We discussed dubious advertising, recognizing phishing scandals, computer problems, questions, and phone apps. 

We hit second gear, when we started talking about the things that interest them and questions that they have.  The first question was about election laws.  They were interested in how the votes were counted, election laws and other related questions.  The second question in this part of the discussion was about cannabis, the difference between medical cannabis and recreational cannabis.  They were interested in where the laws are for each state.  The group also thought we should carry more information on these issues from Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota.  This group liked to travel and they recommended that the library be a place where they could get passports.

As a result of this discussion, the library found several issues we can address:

  • Technology classes—We currently offer Tea and Tech, a time where people can be their questions and a library staff person will help you to find answers. To supplement this, we plan to offer Microsoft classes.  We are going farther by focusing on Smart devices.
  • Privacy education—As libraries we are always promoting privacy. We will continue to be a place that promotes privacy and educate our patrons on the changing face of privacy.
  • Information on Voting– As a result of this meeting we have partnered with the Iowa League of Women Voters to provide information on voting from the point of all three states.
  • The library is taking under consideration the changing state of cannabis related laws. Once we have more information on this issue we will provide appropriate information and forums.

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