Meeting Room Policy

Public Library Meeting Room Policy (For Profit/ Family Parties)

(Approved by the City Council of the City of South Sioux City 7-13-2015)

In accordance with the South Sioux City Public Library goals and objectives, the meeting room, is first and foremost to be used to enhance Library services to the citizens of South Sioux City and the surrounding area.  The meeting room is for use of Library staff to present Library programs.   When not in use for Library activities, the meeting room is available for public gatherings. While the room is free of charge to nonprofit groups, all for-profit groups or private parties will be charged a fee: 1-3 hrs $50.00  For each hour after that, there will be a $25.00 per hour charge, (example, If the room is used for 5 hours, the charge would be $100.00)

The fact that a group is permitted to use the South Sioux City Library does not constitute endorsement of the group’s policies or beliefs. The South Sioux City Public Library reserves the right to reject any application which, in its opinion, may endanger, in any way, the facilities, employees, or the public, or which is in violation of the laws of the State or County or the ordinances of the City of South Sioux City.

Advance reservation of the meeting room is required. All requests to use the meeting room require that an application be filled out and signed by a responsible agent.  The application can be obtained from the South Sioux City Public Library Director.  The South Sioux City Public Library reserves the right to deny or revoke permission to use the meeting room to any group at any time.

A minimum charge of $50.00 is required at the time of reservation. Upon payment a copy of renters ID will be made and a receipt for payment will be filled out and presented to the renter.

Availability of Meeting Rooms:

The Café is available only during regular Library hours: Monday-Thursday 9am-8pm and

Fri-Sat 9am-5pm. Rental group must be gone by Library closing time.

The Meeting Room will be available seven days a week from 8am-10pm. Regular Library hours are Monday-Thursday 9am-8pm and  Fri-Sat 9am-5pm.

If a meeting is not held during regular Library hours, an electronic door key will be signed out to the responsible agent.  The responsible agent will need to pick up the electronic key 1 to 3 days before they need to use the room. It must be returned to the Library immediately upon completion of the event by returning it to Library staff or putting it in the Library book drop. The cost for a replacement key is $50. The Café does not have an electronic key so no after hours are available.

If the event is cancelled, the Library must be notified as soon as possible so that this space may be made available to others. If the library is not notified of cancellation within 24 hrs. of the event, the minimum payment will be forfeited.

The Library shall have the right to limit the number of meetings held by an organization in order to make space available to as many groups as possible. 

Neither the name nor the address of the South Sioux City Public Library may be used as the official address of headquarters of any organization.  No mail of shipments of materials will be accepted for organizations or individuals.

Neither the Library nor its employees shall assume responsibility for any property of groups or organizations.

Food is permitted as long as the room is left clean. For any additional cleaning, other than routine service, the responsible party will be charged $50.

Alcoholic beverages and smoking and tobacco products are not permitted in the South Sioux City Public Library without City Council approval.

Youth shall be accompanied by an adult chaperone, at all times, who will be responsible for any damage occurring to the building and/or equipment. Children are not permitted to play in the hallway.

Any damages during rental of the facility will be charged to the responsible party at replacement cost.

Groups booking the room shall be responsible for setting up and putting away equipment, such as tables and chairs, leaving the room neat and clean, and shall be responsible for replacing lost or damaged equipment (brooms, mops, dustpans, spray bottles). Meeting room furnishings and equipment may not be removed from the room, nor may any organization store their equipment/supplies in the building.

The library will provide brooms and dustpans for groups to clean up the floor. Cleaning buckets and sponges are located under the sink for washing the tables. Extra garbage bags are located in the drawers of the sink area. Library staff will be responsible for removing the bags of trash to the dumpsters.

Groups shall not exceed the legal capacity (45) of the meeting room.

(Approved by the Advisory Board, revised 7/01/2015)

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  1. Good afternoon,
    How large is this room? How far in advance does a room need to be requested? We are with the Convention of States of Nebraska and might wish to request a room for a town hall type meeting. Convention of States is a non-profit organization.

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