Library accredited

Nebraska Library Commission Library Development Director Richard Miller recently announced the accreditation of public libraries across Nebraska. Wauneta Public Library was designated as a Silver Level accreditation by earning over 200 points on the accreditation application.

“We are dedicated to helping Nebraska libraries meet Nebraskans’ information needs, opening up the world of information for citizens of all ages,” Miller stated. “The Library Commission continues to work in partnership with Nebraska libraries and the regional library systems, using the Public Library Accreditation program to help public libraries grow and develop.”

The purpose of public library accreditation is to encourage excellent library service in Nebraska communities.


  • establishes minimum standards for library service,
  • ensures that libraries adhere to certain standards,
  • offers libraries benchmarks,
  • offers libraries evidence that certain expenditures, services, and practices are needed and expected.

Library accreditation is valid for three years. The guidelines are community-based, so that each library determines its own priorities based on community needs. This requires each library to have or to create a strategic plan that addresses the unique needs of its community.

For more information on library accreditation, visit the Nebraska Library Commission.