New Books added to the library

Check out some of the new books added to the library.


The Award by Danielle Steele – Capturing historical events when the German army occupied France in 1940, the story follows Gaelle’s family as her friends and family are taken away and she joins the French Resistance.



The Sleeping Beauty Killer by M.H. Clark

Two By Two by N. Sparks


Three Days in January by Bret Baier documents the last three days of Dwight Eisenhower’s presidency. It highlights his farewell speech warning Americans against the dangers of elevating partisanship above national interest, the expansion of the military-industrial complex and the creeping political power of special interests.



Killing the Rising Sun by Bill O’Reilly

Mystery Books

A Deadly Stitch by S. Sleeman

Strands of Fate by L. Kozar

A Fitting Conclusion by E. Thomas

Loom and Doom by S. Sleeman

Junior High Books

Looking for Alaska by J. Green

Large Print Books

Wild Montana Skier by S. Warren

The Great Zoo of China (thriller) by M. Reilly

Twelve Days by M. Berenson

Night Watch (thriller) by I. Johansen

Eyes Only  and In Plain Sight by F. Michaels

Dark Matter by B. Crouch


The Hunting of Tom Horn by W. Henry is an exciting collection of short masterpieces by a great western storyteller.