Apply for a Library Card

Kilgore Memorial Library Accounts

For your convenience, there are two levels of library accounts available from our library.  Online Only and Full Service.  Our Online Only account is perfect for patrons who do all of their reading online and rarely, if ever, come to the library building.  Patrons who prefer to use the full services of the library will, of course, need a Full Service account.  Not sure?  Start with the Online Only account, if you discover you require a Full Service account come to the library to have your account upgraded.  NOTE:  If you already have a full service library account, it includes online services.  You do not need two accounts!

Online Only
  • Go to our online card catalog.
  • Tap on the “sign up” button in the upper right corner of the screen.  The online signup form will pop up.
Screen shot of library card catalog
Sample of Online Signup form
  • Complete the application form.  When finished, tap on the “submit” button at the bottom of the screen. 
  • You will receive this auto response message:  Thank you for applying for a library account with Kilgore Memorial Library. You will receive a welcome email after a library staff member reviews your application. If you do not receive the welcome message in two business days or have questions for us please send an email to 
  • After you receive the welcome message from the library you will be ready to use our online resources.
Full service

When you apply for a Full Service library card you will be asked to complete a Library Card Application and User Responsibility form and provide one form of identification that shows your current address. If your driver’s license has your current address on it that will be all you need.  If it does not have your current address, we will need to see the photo ID and documentation with your name and current address listed.  Forms that work best include:  utility bill, rental lease agreement, or vehicle registration.

Forms that work best include:  driver’s license, passport, utility bill, rental lease agreement, or vehicle registration.  After your application information is recorded and address verified you will receive your library card ready to use today!  Your Full Service library card allows you to check out physical library items, monitor your library account online, and use the library’s technology and electronic resources.

An annual update of contact information recorded in your account is required.  If you would like to receive an electronic reminder prior to the expiration date of your library card let the library staff at the main desk know. 


Kilgore Memorial Library is a participating library in the Nebraskard program. The Nebraskard program, sponsored by the Nebraska Library Commission, allows libraries to issue Nebraskard permits to their patrons so that they can borrow materials from other participating libraries in addition to their home library. Nebraska Library Commission has a list of participating libraries, those that accept Nebraskard permits.

If you are not a resident of York or York County and your home library is a participant in the Nebraskard program, ask for a Nebraskard permit from your home library. Then, Kilgore Memorial Library will be able to honor your Nebraskard permit and process you into our patron database so that you will have access to check out our materials.