Exciting Programs Coming to the Library

It’s an exciting time at the library as we have A LOT of programs starting this month.  We recently started Saturday morning Story Hour and we’ve had an amazing amount of kids join us… This Saturday, we’ll be decorating trick-or-treat bags that are adorable!

Tomorrow, you can come to the library and learn about Essential Oils.  Abbie Murray will be at the library to talk about oils and answer any questions you may have.  This is not a library program so be sure to come or contact Abbie if you have any questions. The program starts around 6:00 pm… The library is officially closed at this time but, we will be here for the class.

On Friday, we begin our after school reading group called “Fetch a Good Book.”  The program is all about PUPPIES and is for grades K-3… We’ll have puppy themed snacks, puppy themed books, puppy themed activities/crafts, and puppy themed prizes.  We’re also hoping to invite some puppy experts to drop by in future months to discuss how to take care of your puppy or other pets.

As the month goes on, we’ll add in Legos (grades K-5) and our wonderful Science Club (grades K-2 & 3-5).  We can’t wait to see all your smiling faces!  Call Staci S with any questions or comments at 402-395-2021.

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