Summer Reading has BEGUN!

Summer Reading Kids (and moms and dads)! Here is a FUN idea that our friend, Sonya, had given me: Bring me a copy of one of your FAVORITE recipes and we’ll type them up and put together a Kids of the Library Cookbook. I already have a couple great recipes that I know my kids love. They can be “healthy” since that’s what our theme is about… They can be super “UNhealthy” because sometimes that’s awesome too! I can’t WAIT to see all of you throughout the summer!


Boone Central students that WERE in K-3: Don’t forget to grab your reading wishlist when you come to the library for Summer Reading or just to read… We currently have TWENTY-NINE kids working toward their goal of 5 chosen books… We have ONE who has finished already… Several have already read 4 books… And Mrs. Gragert’s 1st grade is representing the most with FIVE kids! You kids AMAZE me… You still have two whole months to go!

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