Crazy 8s Math Club: Where Math Meets Mischief!

I’m continuing to work through the Crazy 8s Math program and wanted to pass on this info from the website: “Crazy 8s is designed for 12-16 kids per club (K-2/3-5): enough critical mass to build energy and make it fun, but still manageable by a grown-up. Clubs smaller than 12 won’t work because several activities need enough kids to complete the steps, and larger than 16 won’t have sufficient supplies.” We ask kids to “attend every week.” Please let me know if this is of an interest to you/your kids. It should be a TON of fun! Currently, I have Tuesdays or Wednesdays available… Thoughts??? I should also mention: It’s an 8-week course and if it’s a hit, there are 2 other sessions available. This time, sessions include: Time of Your Life, Glow in the Dark Geometry, Flying Marshmallows, etc. And, I can take FIVE from each grade. Call 402-395-2021 with any questions!

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