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Does your child need to read a book and take an AR test? Are you traveling somewhere and want to listen to a new audio book? Or maybe you just want to try something different that we don’t carry on our shelves? Try Overdrive! If you have an electronic device with access to the internet, you can pick an eBook or Audio book from thousands of options. There’s everything from mystery to romance, historical fiction, non-fiction and lots for kids and teens!

NE Overdrive is a FREE service to all of our patrons. You’ll never have late or overdue fees. Children in grades 5th-12th also have access to this service. To get started, all you need to log in is your patron id number and a PIN. Please call or visit the library to get started. Already have your login info? Just scroll over to the right hand side of this site and click on the digital collection for kids with content geared just for them. Or click on the download link which gives you access to every item. Happy browsing and downloading!

P.S.-check out our “For Kids and Teens” tab to do an AR search for the titles you’ve selected.

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