October is exciting

Written By: Darcie - Sep• 30•17

We are starting the month of October.  The school year is well underway and fall sports are progressing nicely.  We are starting to feel the cooler temperatures and soon we will be trading our shorts and short sleeved shirts for pants/jeans and long sleeved shirts or jackets.  The month of October brings about another accreditation for our Library.   We have gone from being a Bronze level accreditation the past three years to jumping up to a Silver level this time.  What a great improvement our library has had in the past three years.  While I am unable to take any credit for this improvement, accolades must go out to the previous people in this position who have worked so hard to get the library where it is today.  We are proud of where our library is going.

After school you can find kids in the library every day.  They come to use the computers, watch a movie, do a craft project, or just hang with their friends in the Youth Room.

We will be sponsoring a Trunk or Treat in town this year.  We are hoping to have a great turn out for the kids.  Come to the library for more information.

We hope to see you in the library checking out a book.  We soon will have audio books available.  We are in the process of getting that all lined up for our patrons.  We are excited to be able to offer this in the future.  If you are wanting a book to check out and read that we do not have, ask.  We can either get the book or borrow the book from another library through our Interlibrary Loan program.

Please also note that your checking out books helps to keep our library doors open.  Please consider coming here first for your reading needs.

Check back often.

Resources for your Community Facilities

Written By: Darcie - Oct• 07•16


Please join us for an informational community meeting. Hosted by The Axtell Public Library at the Axtell Community Hall. Coffee and muffins will be provided and lunch will be available at Kat’s Korner Market at 1:00.

Outdoor Movie Night~

Written By: Darcie - Jul• 05•16

Axtell Public Library Presents!!

Outdoor Movie Night

Written By: Darcie - Jun• 29•16

Axtell Public Library-1

Outdoor Movie Night

Written By: Darcie - May• 23•16

It’s almost here!!!!! The Axtell Public Library Outdoor Movie Night is this coming Sunday night the 29th. Seating begins at 8:30 movie starts around 9:00 (sundown). Please bring your own blankets and chairs. The concession stand will be open with all proceeds going to the Axtell Ball Association.


Outdoor Movie

Public Meeting Notice 5/16/16

Written By: Darcie - May• 11•16



The Executive Board of the Axtell Public Library

will be holding its monthly meeting on Monday, May 16th at

7:00 P.M.   The meeting will be held at the Axtell Public Library.

At the time this notice is being prepared, the governing body expects the agenda of its meeting to include the following topics.


  1. Axtell Public Library’s outdoor movie night on May 29th, 2016
  2. Electrical work
  3. Grant for the remodel of unused library space into a teen area
  4. Discuss strategic planning


Where noted, the discussion of some of the above topics may be held in executive session rather than during the portion of the meeting that is open to the public. If this is a regular meeting, additional topics may be discussed. If

this is a special or emergency meeting, the governing body’s discussion will be limited to the topics and executive sessions listed above.


Date of Notice: 5/10/16

Name of Person Preparing Notice: Jackie Minnis

Telephone number of person preparing Notice: 308-743-2592

Axtell Public Library Presents

Written By: Darcie - Apr• 12•16

Outdoor Movie


May 29th, 2016 @ the Axtell Baseball Field
Arrival time around 8:30
Movie starts approximately 9:00 (sunset)

The Axtell Ball Association will have concessions available.

Please bring your own chair/blanket

This project was supported in part by the Library Services and Technology Act, administered by the federal Institute of Museum and Library Services and granted by the Nebraska Library Commission.


Outdoor Movie Night

Written By: Darcie - Mar• 02•16

Thanks to a grant from the Nebraska Library Commission, Axtell Public Library will be hosting an outdoor movie night for the community of Axtell on Memorial weekend.  This grant provided enough funds to purchase a movie screen, projector and a sound system rental.  We are all very excited for this new venture we can offer to our community.  Please stay up to date on this by following us on Facebook or by watching for flyers at the library and in your mail.

The Silent Library

Written By: Darcie - Jan• 22•16

This is a beautiful story written by a wonderful young woman who uses our library daily. This, is why libraries are so important and why our library needs your help to maintain and expand it’s services.
Thank you Rose Dale for this testament to the Axtell Public Library. The “amazing silence” would be nothing without you.

The Silent Library
Rose 8th Grade
My very favorite place to be is a place where the whole building smells like old musty books. I would like to go to my favorite place and let the long and amazing silence bring me into peace. And my favorite place to go would be the Axtell Public Library. Where all of the books sit on the shelves begging me to pick them up and read what secrets lie behind the book’s front cover. Whenever I enter the library all of my worries and painful thoughts just slip away. Like a really old dog taking its last breath before it can finally rest in peace. Without having to suffer through the pain within every single step it takes and every breath it breaths. As my thoughts come back to me I start to breath in the fragrance of the library and it allows me to enter its magical histories from past libraries. With every single blink I can still see all of the lovely colors make everything look like I’m actually standing in a wonderful painting. When I close my eyes I can hear the voices of characters saying their lines, like they were performing a play. With every single scent in the room, it makes me think that I am in a very good smelling house with the a tiny scent of rose’s. When I finally open my eyes I can see the small round dark brown table and four very old creamy brown chairs, with really comfortable dark green cushions. With every single step I take it is soundless, like I am a spy on a mission for finding a really good book. Except I can’t look for any old book in this incredible library I have to look for the perfect book. Just listening to everything can hear everything from the annoying buzzing from the rubbing on the carpet. But I take one glance at the clock and know that it soon will be time to go home and all of my peace and happy thoughts all would turn grim and dark. And all of the beautiful words, smells and even annoying sounds would be gone. Like a mother does when her daughter has to say goodbye to her mother because her mother has cancer. And once she is gone then the daughter goes grim and dark as my feelings do when I know I have to leave. As I look back to everything I start to truly listen to one book being read by the author on wonderful and beautiful true explanations on life. And the more I take in the more I love the way the words go together perfectly. Once the author stops reading I soon know that my time is now up. And that sadly I would have to leave my safe place. I have to leave my peaceful place and return to all of my grim and sad present thoughts of my horrible daily life.

Adult Coloring Club

Written By: Darcie - Jan• 04•16
Adult Coloring

Adult Coloring