Experience Kits

Are you looking for an easy program that engages all ages? Even if crafts aren’t your strength, Experience Kits will work for you. These fully loaded boxes allow everyone to try a craft with no pressure to make it perfect. All ages can use the kits and decide if today’s project is there next hobby or a one-time experience.

#1 Pom Pom Crafts

Idea book, Associated Pom Poms, Wiggly Eyers, Chenille Stems

#2 Perler Beads

Pattern Books, Templates, Pressing Sheets, Perler Beads

#3 Plastic Canvas Kit

Pattern Books, Tapestry Needles, Worsted Weight Yarn, Embroidery Floss, Plastic Canvas

#4 Origami Kit

Five Pattern Books, Variety of Colors of Origami Paper

#5 Paracord Crafts

Three Pattern Books, Tape Measure, Buckles, Lighter, Variety color of paracord

#6 Juggling Kit

Instruction book, Bean Bags

#7 Tatting Kit

Instruction books & DVD, Needles, Bobbins, Shuttles, Scissors, and Tatting thread.

#8 Wood Burning Set

Wood Burning Guide & Tool, Tips, Design & Stencil Sheets, Carbon Paper, Pencils, Wood

#9 Knitting & Crocheting

Eight Instruction Books, Four Knitting Needles, Six Crochet hooks, Variety of colors and weights of yarn

#10 Magic Kit

Three Magic Books, Five Magic Tricks, Magic Wand, Deck of Cards

#11 Duct Tape Projects

Three Pattern Books, Variety of Colors and Patterns of Duct Tape

#12 Macrame Kit

Two easy project books, cords, rings, dowels, beads

#13 Washi Tape Kit

Idea Books, Various patterns and solid colors of Washi tape

#14 3-D Printing Pen

User manual, idea books, cables, stencils, clear sheets, removal tool, pen, variety of filament colors

#15 Decoupage Kit

Idea Book, Mod Podge, Napkins, Tissue Paper, Wood Coasters