CPLS subscribes to a few professional magazines. NebraskAccess provides the content of these and an array of other periodicals. Reading them is a good way to stay up to date on library topics. Our selection includes:

American Libraries
The Magazine of the American Library Association

Provides a guide to current print and audiovisual materials.

Library Journal
“The single-most comprehensive publican for librarians, with ground-breaking features and analytical news reports covering technology, management, policy, and other professional concerns. Its hefty review sections evaluate nearly 7,000 books annually, along with hundreds of audiobooks, videos, databases, web sites, and systems that libraries buy.”

School Library Journal
“The leading print magazine serving librarians who work with young people in schools and public libraries.” It is the world’s largest and most authoritative reviewer of children’s and young adult content–principally books, but also including audio, video, and the Web.

The library magazine serving those who serve young adults.

Call or email the System Office to find out how you can receive your selected articles from these professional periodicals electronically.