Donors & Donations

Donations are not always something you can hold in your hand!

Recorded by Shirley Minges:

Donors have been the lifeblood of our library. I cannot list them all. What I will list are those donors that helped establish our library when most of the books were destroyed, and we only had some Disney movies left for the children.

Our Donor Tree
Come in and see our wonderful donors displayed on the tree.

For books our major donors are: Donna Havener, Dr. Shakleton and her sister, Kris Cosentinos, and Betty Yokum are certainly the major donors of books. When we decided to discard the very young childrens’ books due to lead content, Crystal Oberg delivered most of the books to replace those we removed. Bill Minges and Keith Carter donated all of their VHS movies, about 350. The Star Trek VHS movies, about 100 with 2 episodes in each, were donated by Charlie Johnson. Our Musicals were donated by Mrs. Ganonymous. The Minges family donated the TV set as a memorial for their oldest daughter, Shawn. Keith Carter also donated an HP computer as a memorial for Gilbert Hess.

One or more books were donated by: D. Smith, Jeweldine Gaibler, Audrey Kotschwar, J. Parker, H. Messersmith, G. Allen, M. Broulette, B. Stevens, H. Lillyhorn, Nancy Westphall, Jennifer Huggins, N. Martin, J. Randecker, Edna Lungrin, the Thacker family, G. Schultheiss, Lester Gaibler, Doris Belamy, James Lannimayer, Mark & Susan Minges, Cam and Carol Minges. I do not know who donated our paintings by Lt. Col. Vernon McGee (retired), but they are beautiful. Our Magazine rack was empty for a long time. Over time we got most of the magazines from Dorthy Anders, Murial Kotschwar, and Alice Holl. Some were just left in the drop box. The H.O.P. club, the American Legion Auxiliary, The Sunshine Club, The Methodist Church and the Nazarene Church.

Recorded by Joyce Bauer:   Donations:  Thank you all so much for everything!

Jeanie Breen:  A new Swiffer Sweeper.
Clyde’s Bar & Grill: Donates paper towels and toilet paper, as needed.
Tom B. Bauer: 15 DVD’s
Lester Gaibler: For fixing our book shelf before it fell over.
Ralph Widick: Historic pictures of Farnam  and the bench outside our front door.
Betty Hoppe-Stevens: A beautiful antique desk table.
Tom & Crystal Oberg: Their still donating books and movies.
Rod Klein & Lester Gaibler: For updating our lights to energy efficient ones.

If you would like to donate.
Money or books can be donated as a memorial, or donated to assist the library either for a specific purpose, or to help the library. Donations of any kind can be dropped off at the library or mailed to:
Farnam Public Library
PO Box 8
Farnam, NE 69029
Always tell us what you expect the library to use financial donations for.

Everyone at the Farnam Public Library would like to thank all of the generous groups and individuals who have donated in the past. We also welcome new donors. The library could not exist without you!

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