Magazines and Newspapers

Magazines and Newspapers
Here is what we have to offer

We have many wonderful donors who give us their magazines.
Some time ago a lady called us and mentioned that her husband died and she was going to live in a smaller house, and would we like their books. The magazines were several years of National Geographic, packaged 6 to a leather container.  I hope she and her husband know that we will give them TLC.  And we had another donation of National Geographic as well.

On our front table we have, AARP’s newsletter, college grant booklets, and various other pamplets.

There is a magazine called ‘Teen Ink”.   Everything in the magazine has been written by a ‘teen’.

We have a magazine rack and we have Better Homes and Gardens, Cappers, Country Woman, Taste of Home, Family Circle, Good Housekeeping, Health, Ladies Home Journal, Midwest Living, Nebraska Life, Woman’s Day, and others.

Our second magazine rack as historic pictures of Farnam. These were donated by Ralph Widick of Farnam.

I try to keep one year of magazines.

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